Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pasadena Playhouse

Before the cashiers office opened for dinner last night, Lady M was back to work for the American people, taping the iCarly episode where she had a starring role, in order to get her official government business Trip Tic punched.

I CarlyLady M as “I, Carly”

You probably didn’t know that Lady M has added “actor” to her resume, butt she’s been taking lessons from the best and has recently begun demonstrating her new trade in public. Take just yesterday for example:

How we actually greeted Capt. Kelly Smith during a Joining Forces event in Beverly Hills:


vs. how we really felt:


And then there was this routine with our moderator JJ Abrams:

First, acting all sincere,

acting sincere

when this is how we really felt:


Butt this act - that Lady M does all the time – is still one of my favorites: acting all “WTF?”

acting allwtf

It just never gets old, does it?

Butt I’ll be the first to say that all those acting lessons (all donated of course, so don’t worry about tax payers supporting this charade) are really paying off. She really demonstrated her acting chops at the Pasadena Playhouse yesterday afternoon when she told this whopper about Big Guy:

110613_michelle_worry_ap_283_regularThis Big! Honest!

"I see the sadness and worry that's creasing his face," she said to a crowd of about 500 at the Pasadena luncheon organized by the Southern California Women For Obama. She described (Big Guy’s) worth ethic as “tireless,” according to pool reports.

"He reads every word, every memo, so he is better prepared than the people briefing him," she said. "This man doesn't take a day off."

H/T John Smith

Frankly, I’d hire new staffers if that’s the case, butt that’s just me.

We wrapped up yesterday with a lovely dinner at Michael Smith’s (no relation to our John Smith, or Capt. Kelly Smith – at least as far as I know) lovely house where Lady M wore a lovely form-fitting black dress and black sweater (sorry, images of that form-fitting black dress have been quarantined until further “analysis”), where she told the crowd of adoring fans that her husband was even involved in the decorating of their new home:

“Believe it or not, the President has opinions about his drapes,” she said to the group.

 And honestly, no one seemed surprise to hear this.

baracksogayHey dude, wanna dance?