Thursday, June 16, 2011

Congressional Corn Dogs: No Weiner

I wonder who was in charge of signage for the Congressional picnic?

corny dogsOne letter away from the truth

Seriously. Who thought it was a good idea to serve weiners at this year’s Congressional Picnic in the first place? And then to advertise them?

Good news though, we found a corporate sponsor for this year’s Congressional picnic – to help ease our national deficit:

chevron awningLady M sporting a Chevron awning as she takes Big Guy for his walk

The blue and white chevron frock, working with red shoes to complete that all-American effect, was a perfect choice for the early summer soiree.

taking the big guy for a walkThe full Chevron.Are you getting dizzy too?

Earlier in the day Lady M led a congressional task force on a mission to build an entirely new playground at a D.C. school. She was a real slave driver, butt they did finish their assignment before the picnic:

E_4_XTkEVSdOPmz_dmhjgGI SAID, Let’s Move!

The shovel ready playground project was sponsored by KABOOM! who we’re also wooing to become lead sponsor of our Libyan KMA. I think it’s a great opportunity for them.

kaboomTaking a load off

The original playground plan called for a baby bucket swing,


butt due to it’s unfortunate resemblance to a jockstrap, we decided to defer installation until after Weinergate blows over.

On the menu for last night’s picnic, in addition to the Pronto Pups, were: chicken in a basket, Kettle Corn. hot dogs, cheeseburgers and hamburgers, slices of watermelon and salad. I don’t think that fits well on Lady M’s $2 billion FoodPlate. Especially since Big Guy told everybody:

"I want you guys to eat until you can’t eat any more,"

although he did add this throw away in deference to Lady M:

"All right? And then tomorrow you can "Let’s Move,"

Too little, too late though, from the looks of it:




I wonder if Chevron would be interested in sponsoring a war for oil KMA?