Friday, October 7, 2011

Chicago Rules in Play and We’re still # 12?

Boy, we really are playing by Chicago rules now: “They bring a knife, we bring …a nuclear bomb?

harry chuckieGood work boys, now we can watch baseball

I guess we’re just going to have to find alternate weekend entertainment now that the filibuster bunker-buster has been dropped. I understand the baseball playoffs are on this weekend – and what’s more American than rooting for your favorite team?

I don’t know how Harry refusing to bring Big Guy’s JOBS JOBS JOBS bill, exactly as written, to the Senate floor is going to allow Big Guy to run the R-words out of town, butt I guess that’s the plan. I guess I don’t really understand politics all that well.

All I know is that Big Guy wasn’t very happy at his presser yesterday:

bo presser lens

And who could blame him, with so many problems to deal with: tsunamis, bridges falling down, high speed rails not built, firefighters, teachers, police running out of Obama’s stash and facing layoffs, millionaires and billionaires not paying their fair share: who wouldn’t be pouty?

bo presser3

or, as AP (!) put it:

The overarching theme of Obama's news conference was frustration - on the part of Americans with Washington, and on his part with Congress. It fit with his campaign of late as he moves around the country raising money for his re-election and promoting his jobs plan on the home turf of Republican foes.

"We have a democracy, and right now John Boehner is the speaker of the House and Mitch McConnell is the Republican leader" in the Senate, Obama said. "And, you know, all I can do is make the best arguments and mobilize the American people so that they're responsive.”

Boy that last sentence - "And, you know, all I can do is make the best arguments and mobilize the American people so that they're responsive” - is troublesome. My English language pack warns there’s “an indeterminate, indirect object” in there that might lead to confusion. I guess because you can’t tell for sure if Big Guy wants the American people or Congress to be responsive. All you can tell for sure is he’s not happy with any of them right now because they’re ignoring his demands, thereby placing him in “personal peril” -politically speaking.

I’ll mention this little bit of obfuscation to Big Guy, because I know how strongly he feels about proper grammar. And transparency.

Anyway, Big Guy used the press conference to repeat all of the best points he’s made about a zillion times before and HOPEd that people would finally pay attention to this time – there’s a word for that, what is it?…oh yes, insanity.

bo presser triggeredI’m warning you, vote for my JOBS bill right away, or I’ll shoot!

To deflect from this spectacle, Lady M held a soccer camp on the South Lawn in hopes that the dailies would pick up on that important political story and downplay Big Guy’s snit at the presser, Fast and Furious, Solyndra, Occupy Wall Street, South Africa Travel-gate, and any other scandals brewing on the horizon.


     i can flyUS Women's National Soccer Teamsoccer clinic

Not exactly the Dougie, butt it really shows the slimming results of our recent purge. We’ve been working on a starvation plan in order to get down to fighting weight for what’s bound to be an all out brawl on the campaign trail. When Lady M’s willingness to sacrifice for her country to the point of giving up her snack pack, you know she’s personally invested in doing what’s best for her and Big Guy the party country.

As we all know, extreme circumstances call for extreme measures:


back homeCampaign alert: cue the dog!

With our poll numbers slipping the way they have, we’re going to need all the heavy artillery we can muster. Look for the “baby on board” rumors to pick up again soon.

A chronological photo-journalism track record of our falling popularity in the polls:

bo 1


bo 1-1bo 8bo 10


Yesterday’s Rose Garden presentation of Big Guy’s jersey from the 2011 NCAA Championship Texas A&M University Women’s basketball team:


bo demoted

Yay! We’re number 12!

Bad news: 1- 11 are all R-words, some of whom aren’t even running.

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