Thursday, October 6, 2011

“Give ‘em Hell, Sarah!”

Good grief, the morons congregating across America under the banner of “Occupy Wall Street” seem to be multiplying like maggots in a trash can – which is not intended as a reflection on the likes of any of the OWS supporters such as Michael Moore, Susan Sarandon, Roseanne Barr, Morgan Freeman and Samuel L Jackson. Nor am I saying that all of them are or were crack addicts. Butt that would explain why they all seem to believe the government took down the World Trade Center buildings on purpose:

“How did building 7 come down? You tell me, my brother. It was thermite and explosives.”

Do these people not know how to Google? Or maybe they don’t know how to spell thermite? Or maybe they think that thermite is that lethal Kiwi yeast concoction that you either love or hate? 

Screenshot Studio capture #276


Anyhoo, what did you expect to happen when a group of anarchists are unionized?

uawUnions united to screw the Man, man!

Same as always: an endless list of foolish demands followed by thuggery and ultimately - of course – violence; because after all we’re talking about anarchists. And unions. Butt wait, real anarchists aren’t joiners, while unions are all about joining…and paying dues. I would think this would cause far more than a small case of cognitive dissonance. Although this appears to be a concept alien to the group as well. At a minimum I would think the protestors in St. Louis, Salt Lake City, etc. would be confused since it’s not easy to “Occupy Wall Street” when you’re not in Gotham City.

Butt worse than the violence is the fact that all this was a distraction from the Lady M rehabilitation tour-de-force planned for yesterday. Beginning with her annual pandering showing at Secret Service headquarters:

i'm too sexy for my shirt Posing for the fans gathered for her appearance at the Secret Service building


"People always ask what it is like to have Secret Service around," Mrs. Obama said. "It's like having family around. ... We have a fight among our family over who's getting which people.

"Sasha will come in, it's like, 'You took Scott!'" Mrs. Obama said. "Malia's like, 'You took Scott? That's not fair!' And then I'll say the same thing to Barack. It's like, 'Why did you get Beth?' It's dinner table conversation."

Believe me, the Wons aren’t the only ones fighting “over who’s getting which people.” In fact, sometimes the SS agents resort to drawing straws to keep it fair.

The morning event was followed by a wardrobe change and the always popular fall garden harvest photo op in the Big White organic Garden of Good and Evil with a select group of local children representing America.

mo harvestGive it up for the dwarf pumpkins!

red jalapenoThat’s a red-hot pepper! On the left. I guess that’s still not definitive.

And as Granny Jan pointed out yesterday, MO sported some of the locally sourced caterpillars left over from her equally popular butterfly garden:

mo's butterfly eyes

Butt trust me, they’re even more impressive after they hatch:

                  butterfly eyelashes2butterfly eyelashes3

Seriously, any other day all this would have been front page news world wide, butt noooooo! Lady M, like Big Guy, just can’t cut a break lately. She has to share headlines with Sarah finally making it perfectly clear that she will not be throwing her hat into the ring of R-word contenders.

I’m personally crushed: that’s my dream reflection slipping away -

todd palin

…and Sarah too, of course. Don’t worry though, we’ll pull through, after all, Sarah is now completely unleashed and the world will never be the same. Those who have consistently underrated her because she sounds like a real American instead of a Hollywood issued Gina Davis-America’s First Talking Female President Doll.

geena as pres

Geena as “President Mackensie Allen” – Hollywood’s first vision of what a New World Order President should look and sound like. You might wish to note that “Commander in Chief” which debuted to rave reviews flamed out spectacularly after it’s first season in prime time too.

Seriously, I was thinking that after Big Guy’s ascension to Commander in Chief based on the crease in his pants and his widely rumored oratory skills that voters might demand a bit more substance this time around. Perhaps a candidate that adheres to old fashioned values like a deep love for the concept of America – as conceived, not as transformed. One who actually has faith in and adheres to the Constitution – again, as written, not as transformed. 

I know that Sarah will spend her time and energy hammering the RINO R-words to ensure that they nominate a real conservative, and having seen that Mamma Grizzly in full protect and defend mode, I expect she’ll have her way with them. So keep the faith: the battle’s far from over and the stakes are high. The real conservative R-words could do far worse than having Sarah-Unfettered in their corner. All they have to do is get out of the way and let her grab the mop.


And to the snobs out there who still think she sounds dumb: pretend she’s speaking with a Boston accent instead of a Fargo drawl and you’ll be surprised how much smarter she’ll sound. Even Big Guy has been trying out some “Sarah-isms” to see if he can pull his polling numbers up.

So good luck Sarah the Kingmaker: as they use to say to Truman “Give ‘em hell, Harry!”  I think the R-words should trust her implicitly to help them find the “right” candidate to run against the amazing shrinking president.

Perhaps I’ll still have the honor and opportunity to reflect you up close and personal in a few more years when the little ones are a bit older and the country a bit wiser.


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