Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lyin’s, Black Panthers and Fares…Oh My!

We have a HUGE afternoon planned! It’s that time of year EVERYONE looks forward to. No, not Baracktoberfest,


I’m talking about Lady M’s annual fall garden harvest and cook-off with the tweets.

HOPEfully that will push the rest of this week’s little issues off the front page, because aside from a bumper crop of sweets and tweets, this is shaping up as a bad, bad week on the range.

Scandals large and small seem to be oozing out of every pore. And even as scandals are gathering on the horizon, the PR pool has been sidetracked to deal with everything from bad manners to bad memories.

Butt I think we’re going to have to haul in some high powered poop scoopers to handle the mess that appears to be piling up on our front lawn. It looks like we’ve got two potentially “major” league scandals brewing, along with a slew of minor ones.

There’s Solyndra and Gun Walkers of course, butt at last count we’ve got three minor scandals simmering on the back burner too: Lady M’s just released final African trip expense report, combined with nepotism charges for promoting the Wee Wons to senior staff members without even considering other qualified minority candidates.

cat in the hat

MO and senior staff members read “Cat In The Hat” to African children

Michelle Obama with her daughters in South Africa in June. (Photo: AP)

Lady M and her senior staff members land in South Africa on their $412.000 flight

Then, there’s yet another taxpayer funded clean-green money pit, the Nevada Geothermal Power Company, that’s about to go belly-up, and, finally, there’s the New Black Panther whistleblower expose, including a charge of quid pro quo of the DOJ dropping all charges in return for the Panther’s keeping quiet about their support for Big Guy.

bo black panthers                                                                                   h/t Clarice

In any other time and Department of Justice this Black Panther deal might be considered a major scandal, butt we’re marking on the curve now.

And I’m not even going to count the potential scandal related to the Anwar al-Awlaki take down. For one thing, there’s been no credible evidence connecting al-Awlaki in any way to the Solyndra deal and no recoverable DNA located so far in the Lightsquared deal either. So it’s purely idle speculation that al-Awlaki was wacked because of his ties to this administration. And since we’ve got plenty of real fires burning, we aren’t dealing with the speculative this week.

I’ll admit, we are getting a little uneasy about Ricky’s “the dog ate my security briefing” defense in the Fast and Furious scheme that seems to be hurtling out of control.  His plausible non-involvement is losing traction now that a tenacious CBS cub reporter has turned up some embarrassing details about Eric Holder’s prior knowledge of the Fed’s “Guns Walking To Keep Fit” program.

eric-and-the-question-marks_thumb2uhhh…can I get a second take?


Can you say “special council” Attorney General?

It’s been getting a little tense around here since CBS decided to actually do some reporting on the Gun Walker story, and ABC has decided they need to pursue the Solyndra story in order to continue the charade that they, too, are a real news network. NBC is still considering jumping in the fray, butt since their specialty is sex scandals, they’re waiting for something a bit more salacious before dipping their toe in that alligator pit.

Even without the third rail of the MSM, there is a lot more flak flying around here than this administration is use to dealing with, which is why I suggested they contact Scandal Busters ‘R Us before things get entirely out of control.


We’re thinking of getting the old Flack Squad back together again

It looks to me like some of the R-words have finally gotten around to reading Alinsky’s Rules. Maybe they’ve even gone one step further and read Michael Patrick Leahy’s Rules for Conservative Radicals or David Kahane’s Rules for Conservative Radicals: Beating the Left at Its Own Game or, perhaps, consulted my little blog.

If in fact the R-words have finally figured out how to fight fire with fire it’s even more important that Big Guy  “Pass the Jobs Bill Now!”

bo if this wasn't real...Big Guy in Mesquite, TX. “If this Jobs Bill wasn’t real, could I do this with it?”

Kind of a Weekend at Bernie’s situation if you ask me.

Anyway, if the opposition is onto the Alinsky Rules gambit, Big Guy and Lady M are going to have to spend a lot more time on the fund raising trail. Because I think that would automatically up the re-election ante to a minimum of TWO billion dollars.

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