Monday, October 3, 2011

Markdowns on Aisle 6: Our fundraising is now back on TARGET

What a crappy weekend.

It actually began on Friday with all the partisan blowback that Thursday’s Tarjay outing continued to generate from cynical R-word reporters on the innertubz:

“almost as soon as the pictures hit televisions, newspapers and Web sites, Obama’s critics were raising suspicions, suggesting the trip was a calculated attempt to deflect criticism of the first lady’s more expensive tastes in vacations and wardrobes.”

Of course they were all so caught up in the “photo-op” angle that they – thankfully - missed the best candid shot caught by our AP Big White photographer. Although it’s been deleted from the official photo files, You may have already seen it in Friday’s comment-thread caption contest:

Screenshot Studio capture #271credit: BKeyser

Winning caption (so far) is Otis T. Cribblecobble’s "Do not leave unattended children in your shopping cart"

Then, while Big Guy was busy hustling donors in Georgetown, Warren Buffet, uber-rich capitalist and party planner, was having a hard time selling out his Obama fundraiser in New York. Word has it that he had to reduce the price from Big Guy’s standard $35,800 per plate to just $10,000 to get any of the Wall Street crowd to show up at the Four Seasons. I wonder if that had anything to do with the fact that all the people he invited are included in that small butt elite group of the uber-rich that Buffy the Tycoon Slayer thinks should pay (a lot) more in taxes?

…the message appeared to have limited appeal to donors expected to pay $10,000 a plate; the turnout was “disappointing,” according to one guest.

Then on Saturday, Big Guy had to share his and Lady M’s anniversary Date Night with the GLBT community. BO put on his best gay-face to attend their annual dinner, and hinted that he might consider issuing an Executive Order legalizing gay marriage if they promised to love, honor, obey and vote for him in 2012.


Then Restaurant Eve ran out of locally sourced beluga, Wagyu beef and Stoli, so we had to deal with that whole issue.

bo mo map room neck nuzzle or sniff“C’mon Meech, I’ll get you a bag of burgers from the Shake Shack on the way home.”

Then on Sunday, one of Big Guy’s formerly BFF’s – BET CEO Robert Johnson - goes on Fox News Sunday to take a swing at him:

“I think the president has to recalibrate his message,” Johnson said. “You don't get people to like you by attacking them or demeaning their success. I grew up in a family of 10 kids and the first one to go to college, and I've earned my success. I've earned my right to fly private if I choose to do so. Attacking me is not going to convince me that I should take a bigger hit because I happen to be wealthy.”

Apparently Bobby’s idea of the American Dream doesn’t involve giving 80-90% of his earnings to Big Guy in order for him to realize his American Dream.

All of these weekend happenings have put both Lady M and Big Guy off their good moods, so I’m not really looking for a great week around here unless someone can come up with miracle “jobs, jobs, jobs” plan that actually puts America back to work.

magic word jobs

We are currently pursuing all alternatives.

Oh yes: the results are in from the official Rush Limbaugh/MOTUS Presidential Poll: out of a total of 1,862,412 documented votes, 9,312 (0.5%) votes were cast for Big Guy and 1,853,100 votes were cast for Mickey Mouse (99.5%). Note: results rounded up for clarity and impact.

It appears that George Soros’ last minute attempt to steal the election by confusing Big G with Mickey was a complete failure:

obama mickey

This time voters cast their ballots for the genuine article.


although the resemblance is uncanny:

obama mickey ears

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