Tuesday, October 4, 2011

“If I don’t have this done in 3 years…”– don’t finish that thought.

Boy, where does all this hostility come from!? And when will it end?

Finally, the White House has decided to be transparent - and embarrassingly so. The first lady officially announced her husband’s kickoff of the 2012 election with a thinly veiled photo-op trip to a local Target discount store. (snip)

We all expect politicians to pander to the great unwashed masses, but this is just embarrassing. The photograph deserves its own wing in the Bad Political Photo-ops Hall of Fame. This is John-Kerry-crawling-on-all-fours-in-his-hoodie-spaceman-costume embarrassing. It’s Michael-Dukakis-bouncing-around-in-a-tank-with-an-oversized-helmet embarrassing. It’s Barack-Obama- bowling-a-37 embarrassing.

kerry_woodallen_spermJohn Kerry in his Woody Allen sperm suit embarrassing? Ewww! That is embarrassing.

I don’t know what the the Washington Times thought they were going to accomplish by printing this “story” butt all they really managed was to tick Lady M off even more than she already was. So she refused to show up for last night’s planned photo-op on the Wons actual anniversary (October 3). She and Big Guy were scheduled to show up at the local Costco to grab a hot dog, and claim it was an anniversary tradition – sort of like the infamous John and Elizabeth Edwards anniversary-celebration-at-Wendy’s shtick.

edwards wendy's schtick2

John and Elizabeth (may she rest in peace, no thanks to John) in happier times at Wendy’s

edwards wendy's schtick

It’s probably just as well Lady M put the kibosh on the Costco gig, as the Edwards hoax - in retrospect -  didn’t turn out so well.

And since Costco is no longer providing free electric charges for Big Guy’s Government Motors Volts, they didn’t really deserve the publicity any way.

costco green electric car charger


Butt I tell you, the Wons have had a hard time cutting a break on their wedding anniversary.

obama weddingWedding Belle Blues: 10-3-92

Remember our first, historic year in the Big White? Anniversary #17 rolled around right after our stunning (and humiliating) loss of the planned 2016 Chicago Olympic games to Rio, and it looked for awhile like we wouldn’t be going out to celebrate at all. Then last year I had the flu during the entire Anniversary season and couldn’t plan anything special. And since I was in no position to stop her, Lady M got dressed up as Wonder Woman to seduce Big Guy.

wonder woman

Gratefully, I was feverish and remember nothing. I hope you don’t either.

So now this year, when everything should be going swimmingly, we find ourselves the “underdog” in what was supposed to be a slam dunk re-election bid. And nobody around here can figure out why. I think I might have found a website that could explain at least part of it, in words that even Dear Reader will understand:

Screenshot Studio capture #272Screenshot Studio capture #273Screenshot Studio capture #274Screenshot Studio capture #275h/t sherrybt

…well, actually, there’s lots, lots more. Go see The Obama Presidency – by the numbers for yourself.

Don’t you just hate it when your own words come back to bite you?

Change of Office Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff ceremony at Fort Myer bojo

“If I don’t have this done in three years, then there’s going to be a one term proposition.”  - Barack Obama, 2009

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