Monday, November 7, 2011

Save the Puppets: Keep The World On A String.

Boy, ever since he got home late Friday Big Guy has done nothing butt dry out (I’m referring to his Armani suit – which got drenched as you may recall. Let’s not fire up the old rumor mill, OK?). Likewise, Lady M remains in a funk and isn’t seeing or speaking to anyone. Or at least not what you would normally refer to as “speaking.” She has been able to take a little nourishment however. Remind me to tell Chef Comfy to refill the Cheetos cupboard.

So I’m taking this off-campaign day opportunity to share a little bit of news regarding the travails of one of our R-word opponents. It seems like there’s no end to the stream of sexual harassment charges against Herman Cain:

 H/T American Digest Drive-by

And if those allegations of sexual harassment don’t derail the Cain train, then perhaps Herman’s own acknowledgement of filial ties to evil capitalists will serve that end.

herman cainThe Koch “brotha’ from anotha’ mutha?” And no comments on the pronunciation of the brothas’ surname. We’ve had quite enough harassment around here. 

And while Herman was busy claiming additional lineage, Big Guy has equally busy denying that he’s a brotha’ from another planet. Do you remember the Big White’s online site set up where anyone could form an online petition and receive official answers from the government? (MY petition seems to have been mysteriously “lost in the Ethernet”).

Well, it seems that a lot of people got together to petition for the release of information about what happened to the bodies of aliens (extraterrestrial variety) recovered from Roswell, New Mexico back in the early 50’s. Oh sure - they get an official response!

According to Glenn Reynolds“OBAMA DENIES MEETINGS WITH EXTRATERRESTRIALS. I believe him. Nobody looking for intelligent life would visit this White House.”

Sure Glenn, have your fun, butt I still have reason to believe that the government is lying to us about the existence of life on other planets:

Washington Pipeline ProtestAn alien protest outside the Big White just last week

And do you think it’s just a coincidence that Big Guy is the smartest man on Earth!?!

barack-obama.time alienjpgWhere DID he get those ears? And that really big brain?

And exactly whose “common heritage” do you suppose Lady M and Big Guy were commemorating here?

obama autograph2

I have images on my hard drive that will curl your toes:

obama-illegal-alien-signing-papers-desk-white-house-oval-office-sad-hill-news1H/T SADHILL

Lady M, just before the blow hole opens up:

Michelle_Obama_Klingon_250H/T PeoplesCube

Oh! I almost forgot! An update on our OWIE puppet maker that Lynn II first brought to our attention last week: Good news! The Halloween puppets were such a hit that he’s now employed!

2011-11-05T212714Z_01_NYK021_RTRIDSP_3_USA-PROTESTS-NEWYORKThe Puppet Guild led by Joe Therrien unveils their Obama puppet at OWS. Hard to believe the MFA puppetry graduate couldn’t find work in his chosen field up until now.

Of course he’s still not gainfully employed, butt you know - baby steps.


Please help save our puppets, if you can:

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