Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Prickin’ Bubbles

First of all, this picture is for real.

balloonmanH/T Blonde Gator

Secondly, Bubble Boy is NOT new – this is from our Guinness Book of World Records Jumping Jack marathon last month. Nevertheless, I know you’ll find it unsettling, which is why I didn’t post it at the time.

I know it looks like Pee Wee Herman caught in a giant condom, or some bimbo from New Jersey donning a fat suit for fame and fortune,

fping fat suitgorga_melissa_sc-629x1023

Real NJ Housewife Melissa Gorga dons a fat suit in a fame-whoring publicity stunt to prove that people discriminate against people who look like the spawn of the Michelin Man and a giant bottle of Pepto Bismol. [note: that episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey won Hollywood’s cultural highlight of the week award]

pink fatsuitwenn5744002

Butt the guy with Lady M is actually magician John Cassidy performing a balloon act for her. As you can tell from the picture, MO’s not all that impressed. After all, around here people in a bubble, filled with hot air, isn’t exactly a novelty.

Also on the docket today: Big Guy’s taking his anti-Congress movement to a classroom in Philadelphia. Because who better to determine the value of Big Guy’s new education plan than a class full of Head Starters?

Actually, the trip to the City of Brotherly Love is part of BO’s ongoing “We Can’t Wait” program whereby he enacts policies by executive fiat action rather than waiting for those slow wheels to roll through the aisles of Congress. After all, he is the CAN DO man.

Bo men in blackAnd cool. Really, really cool.

Today’s new fiat rule is designed "to promote accountability and improve the quality of Head Start programs." The executive rule will mandate that low-performing Head Start programs for preschool children will be required to compete for federal funds. I dunno – that sounds a lot like another government lottery to me. Maybe we should just open a casino.

Screenshot Studio capture #317…then we could move our profits off-shore

Anyway, the new rule is simply designed to do the work the American Congress is unwilling to do:

Obama was to travel to suburban Philadelphia on Tuesday to meet with students and teachers at a Head Start center and discuss more ways the White House can unilaterally try to improve education. The president has highlighted a number of executive actions on housing, college loans and veterans in recent weeks as a way of bypassing Congress. (snip)

The federal government’s Head Start program provides preschool for 900,000 low-income children. In an attempt to improve quality, Obama plans to require all lower-performing Head Start programs that fail to meet a new set of benchmarks to compete for continued federal funding.

Sometimes, in business, if you don’t meet performance benchmarks you get benched. Butt when it comes to the children, teachers and government funds – well, I guess Head Start’s just like the bank: it’s too big to fail so Big Guy’s going to give them a bailout.

Also on tap today: Lady M is going to Georgetown University to participate in a youth mentoring day with local high school students. The mentoring trips are always fun.


Previous mentoring trips and outfits

mo mentoringmichelle.mentoringjpg

I just hope she mentors the kids to watch out for the “student loan bubble” and avoid borrowing more government money for their education than they will ever be able to pay back with their degree in Non-Gender Specific Studies or Puppetry.

Otherwise they,too, might end up unable to replace their car:

no money to buy a carGood news! (unless you live in Detroit) It’s called “mass transit” and the liberals love it! Give it a try.