Saturday, November 12, 2011

A day of do-overs

It was a big day of do-overs, beginning with Lady M’s first re-do of her first Veterans Day wreath laying ceremony at Arlington Cemetery. I think you’ll all agree with me that this time was a big improvement.

             we do learningarlington


           vets daya hair2jpg



This lovely upholstered ottoman  was last seen accompanying a black sheath in attendance at the funeral of Joey B’s Mom (you remember Joey B’s feisty Mom: the last person on earth who could tell Joey to put a plug in it and make it stick. May she rest in peace.)

After the Arlington photo-op, we left immediately to attend the NCAA basketball game between the Michigan State Spartans (Go Green!) and the North Carolina Tar Heels (Go, uh, tar???) on the deck of the USS Carl Vincent docked in Coronado. Since it was still Veterans Day: Lady M arrived for the big game on the USS Carl Vinson, wearing her “I Red heart the military” sweater, along with her “I Red heartthe military too” hubby, wearing his George W Bush bomber jacket.

bomo saluteH/T Vanceboro

                           BUSH-FLIGHTJACKETmiss me yet

Parts of Lady M’s Pippi Longstocking-meets-Gumby outfit were do-overs too:

            bomobomo everybody's happy

Don’t recognize the parts? Look closer at the jacket lapels:

boso vinson

Recognize it?


I swear, I really thought that jacket wound up in the “burn this, I’m never wearing it again!” pile long ago. Butt apparently it survived the Bad-Carla memory hole and when Lady M recently regained her youthful figure thanks to her pre-re-election Slim-Fast&Purge® diet and exercise program, she pulled it out for a rematch.

No wait: I take that back. She did burn it, last night’s jacket was a complete re-do – with bigger buttons to make it look more like a Navy pea coat. I get it!

carla_bruni-michelle_obamaI would have burned it too

I think she kept the slacks though. Along with that cheeky attitude that everyone admires so.

bomo vinson tongue in cheek

Butt wait! We’re still not ready to call it a day! On to Hawaii for another round of sacrificin’ at the APEC. And look! One last wardrobe change and do-over before calling it a day.


Oh whoops! My mistake. This one isn’t a do-over either. Due to the lateness of the hour, the darkness of the tarmac and the shortage of spare parts for my light and humidity adjusting circuits, I thought it was Lady M’s cheapo little number from the White House/Black Market collection that she wore back when we were “just like you.” You know, back during the 2008 campaign?

viewJoy, MO and Babwah: just like you and me

So I guess only one of our recycle efforts was an actual do-over. The other two were more of a derivative homage to the original concept.

Sort of like our “WTF: Re-elect Obama 2012”  is a derivative homage to our “WTF: Elect Obama 2008” effort. The first time was great, but the second time is going to be – if I may quote the esteemed Democratic strategist, Chris Rock, on this - “gangsta s***!”


WTF 2008 - WTF 2012



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