Thursday, January 26, 2012

Turkey Day: Thin skinned, Breasts and Necks. Mmm, mmm mmm!


Having successfully kicked off our campaign season on Tuesday night, we took the show on the road yesterday. As always, there were critics:


Big Guy took the opportunity yesterday to express his displeasure with Governor Brewer’s review of his performance. I guess he must have been absent from leadership class the day they covered Henry Ford II’s  #1 Rule: “Never complain, never explain.” 

Maybe I’ll talk with Chef Comfy here at the Big White, and have her include more foods rich in biotin. I understand that’s good for the skin. It may help with all the thin skin syndrome on display around here lately .

Butt I get ahead of myself: first campaign stop was in Cedar Rapids Iowa where he visited Conveyor Engineering and Manufacturing. And just between you and me – I think I’d find a new advance man for these industrial tours. I just don’t think our current team is thinking these photo ops through very well.

conveyor engineering and manuf. Yes sir, that is one giant screw.

OBAMAWhy don’t you sent me about a hundred gross. You can bill the American taxpayer.

Then we were on to Phoenix (see above for our arrival). There we visited the site of a new, huge Intel plant where they’re going to make more of those little Intel chips that power your PC.

bo intel erector setBO, TOTUS: right at home with his erector sets in Chandler, AZ.

After that chilly meeting on the tarmac, things went quite well. And the construction workers at the plant even got a day off!

Intel chandler azConstruction ground to a halt for the day

Unfortunately without pay…. 

More than 1,500 workers were asked to stay home for security reasons as the president toured the future site of a $5-billion Intel manufacturing facility in Chandler.

The workers will not be paid for the forced day off.

It’s not as though this sort of thing has never happened before. Why, just last May workers were furloughed without pay for security reasons when Big Guy visited…uh, Solyndra. Never mind.

Butt look at the upside: next week we can take credit for putting 1500 union employees back to work!

On the local front, Lady M was busy with her campaign yesterday too. She went to Parklawn Elementary School to discuss our No Child’s Fat Behind program.

mo lunch line Marching in the lunch line: Mmmm! Yummies just ahead!

And to prove that the food being served in the SEIU Healthy Eats program is actually edible, contrary to reports coming out of our California encampment, Lady M joined the lunch crowd.

yummo turkey tacos moTurkey Tacos - mmmm, mmm mmm!

Making Lady M’s visit even more special was the fact that she was accompanied by mutual Oprah gal pal, celebrity chef Rachael Ray. Wow! At least it was someone who use to be Rachael Ray.

          rachael ray.4jpg rachael ray

Becoming Rachael Ray:



Man! Doesn’t anybody keep the face God gave them any more?

rr june11or, the boobies?

Well, I guess there is Nancy Pelosi: the boobie that San Francisco has kept in office for a gazillion years now. Of course she does keep changing her face, so maybe they don’t really know it’s still her.

real reason vampires stay out of the sunlight Nan, 2010: The real reason vampires stay out of the sunlight

nancy p jan 25San Fran Nan yesterday: the only original parts are the boobies

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