Friday, February 10, 2012

Our Diptych Trip Tic

In case you’re wondering,  "Interlude" is a techno song by the heavy metal band Attack Attack! It's also become a halftime dance phenom at the University of Northern Iowa. Its beauty lies in the fact that it’s so simple even a stadium full of drunken college students can do it. So it was a natural for Lady M’s Let’s Move those fat behinds kick off.

I know what you’re thinking: How could Lady M ever top her own dance performance art as displayed below in this iconic triptych panel titled simply Lady M does the Dougie:

               upandawayAlice Deal Middle School for a Let's Move fitness eventvee vant to pump you up

Butt not so fast! With the Wons, past performance IS a guarantee of future results! So behold: you ain’t seen nothin’ yet! The Dougie is child’s play compared to the “Interlude” – performed live in Des Moines yesterday by Lady M and her fan club.

      mo's interlude Mo boogie nights

I’ve produced this very special Wells Fargo Stadium collection – which I fully expect will be available shortly along with our other Runway to Win offerings - as limited edition bath towels in several variations. I call the above “Interlude II.” It’s a simple diptych.

This is a companion piece titled “Interlude III” which is, obviously, a triptych:

     mo lookin like bill cosbymo mo movesmono

Each piece will be available separately in our WTF 2012 store, or - for a very limited time – purchased as a set. But wait! There’s more!! If you order immediately I’ll throw in a table runner printed with the entire collection in a classic pentaptych: “Interlude V”

Screenshot Studio capture #394

“Interlude V” will also be available for purchase separately, which might be your best value, as you get all 5 images, only much, much smaller.

Butt I better stop marketing and get back to my day job: we had two more stops (and because we’re royalty celebrity FLOTUS, two more wardrobe changes) after the “Let’s Move” anniversary fruit cake was presented at the Wells Fargo stadium in Des Moines.

mo fruit cakeFruit Cake. On the left.

The next stop on our Sticky and Sweet rock star revival tour was the Little Rock Air Force Base. Here we delivered the gospel of nutrition to our soldiers, who need to be saved from themselves. And…are you ready? We wore a suit! A nice, conservative grey suit with a longer jacket! And it fit, more or less. Goodness though, I must be getting old: I remember when that wouldn’t even be news.

        whoa momadonna

Lady M channeling her Madgesty, Madonna

We did dress the rather drab suit up a bit with a stylized red paper airplane pin on the lapel; in honor of our flyboys and girls.

red jet mo

She dialed the wardrobe choices down in order not to detract from the seriousness of her gospel message of healthy eating and nutrition:

umm umm ummOh boy! Broccoli! And salads! Now let’s go out there and fight fight fight the bad guys!!

BTW, did you notice that the price of ground beef is up 23% since last year? Which might surprise you, because the CPI number most commonly reported in the LSM remains very low.

January 19, 2012
On a seasonally adjusted basis, the Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers was unchanged in December, as it was in November. The index for all items less food and energy rose 0.1 percent in December after increasing 0.2 percent in November.

Only .1%. That doesn’t sound so bad. Of course, we’ve dropped food and energy from the index in order to make the “consumers price index” more useful, somehow. Since most people spend the bulk of their money on food and energy I guess maybe they just figured you would probably notice on your own, and didn’t need it reported officially.

Anyway, the sharp increase in meat has nothing whatsoever to do with Lady M’s gospel of eating more fresh fruits and vegetables -  they’ve all gone up on average 25%. No, Lady M ‘s preaching is real: she wants to save you from your own bad self:

mo lenoveggie pizza – umm, umm, umm

Any hoo – our day was still far from over. Back onto Air Force Won Too on our way to Texas and dinner at the local Olive Garden (proud supporter of Lady M’s No Childs Fat Behind program, and recipient of an Obamacare waiver) with local parents who have changed the way their families are eating. Presumably to get healthier; not because they can’t afford to eat the way they used to.

fort worth olive gardenmo nodocy's happy

Note: the same meal as the soldiers got, salad and bottled water. Combining our healthy eating program with our fiscal responsibility plan.

We changed into something more appropriate for dinner at an Olive Garden: a fuchsia mini-me sweater complimenting a coral and plum shell, boob belt, shiny black pants, our favorite pleather jacket and silk chiffon scarf. Good to go.

mo ft worth

You’ve no idea how hard it is to pack for these trips. While no one questioned the need for a shower and change after our Iowa “Interlude,” seriously, I think the suit might have been okay for dinner too. Butt Lady M takes these performances seriously, and wants to dress in a manner that demonstrates her commitment.

Besides, all the best divas change their costume between acts.


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