Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sack Races and Chicken Faces: Fundamentally Transforming America

As you know, this month marks the historic Second Anniversary of the historical “No Child’s Fat Behind” initiative.

mo walmart1st historic anniversary celebration: Walmart caves, in return for Obamacare waivers

For our 2nd anniversary NBC was good enough to give Lady M face time on 3 of their big network programs to showcase her toned arms commitment to wiping out childhood obesity. In anticipation of the last big NBC event – a competition in the Big White with Jimmy Fallon -some were asking, “What would Jackie do?”   While I can’t say for sure, I feel confident  that her idea of a sack dress was slightly different from Lady M’s.

          jackie sack dressp-sack-race

We’ve already seen MO perform on Ellen and Jay’s shows, and Mommy Life captured the spirit of the latest tug-o-war in the Big White:

mo tug

I have managed to get you a special director’s cut of MO’s competition with Jimmy that tells the behind the scenes story of this historic event:

Butt today, we take to the road: Our anniversary victory tour will take us through a whole bunch of swing states. First stop: pork capital of the world, Des Moines, Iowa, where we’ll be encouraging people to eat more chicken. And arugula, now that they finally got a Whole Foods store in Iowa.

Lady M’s helpful healthy eating tips are really just common sense; like replacing processed foods with whole foods. For example, instead of school lunch programs serving these highly processed chicken nuggets that kids love:


try serving these whole, free range, chicken faces. The kids will get a kick out of them.


In Des Moines today we’ve bussed in 10,000 Fat Behinds to fill Wells Fargo stadium for the rally (note to attendees: you should plan on bringing a sack lunch as all concession stands will be closed during the event due to the high fat, salt and sugar content of their wares).

Then, it’s on to Little Rock Air Force Base, where we will announce our No Soldiers’ Fat Behinds effort.

Mrs. Obama will make the announcement, along with the Department of Defense, at the Little Rock Air Force Base, Ark., which has participated in a pilot program for the initiative. The initiative melds Mrs. Obama’s two signature policy goals as first lady – combating obesity and caring for military families. The Obama administration has cast childhood obesity as “a national security issue.”

Because soldiers, who are asked to give their lives for our liberty, are surely too preoccupied to be trusted to make healthy living choices on their own.

Obama Coffins

You’ll be surprised to hear that Jonathan Woodson, assistant minor functionary to the Secretary of Defense for health affairs, agrees with Lady M’s assessment that obesity is a national security challenge. That’s why she’s announcing today a change in “the menus at the 1,100 dining halls on military bases and make adjustments to vending machines, snack bars and other places where service members and their families buy food.”

It’s just Lady M’s way of taking a brick out of our military’s load. I’m sure they’ll all appreciate it.

michelle_1759808cEnjoy that steak, mister; it’s the last one you’ll see on this tour of duty.

We’ll be wrapping up the day in Fort Worth where Lady M will personally meet with some of the brave men and women who have actually implemented her recommendations in their family meals to hear how it’s going:

    hatred-1I will not eatihatevegetabvles


I think it’s going as well as can be expected

In a related story, the Atlantic reports on the brilliance behind Lady M’s initiatives, quoting from an article in the Nation:

In an effort to fit Michelle's role into a traditional profile, the media constantly reminds us that her work is on presumably soft subjects, primarily her hallmark cause to end childhood obesity.... Slurs aside, what critics miss is that this campaign is not aimed at soft targets.

The food and beverage industry is a powerful lobbying force, spending nearly $16.3 million in the 2008 cycle to defeat initiatives -- like a "soda tax" and limits on aggressive advertising aimed at kids -- that would encourage a healthier diet and thus cut into its massive profits.

To tackle childhood obesity, we'll have to confront complicated issues of race, class, entrenched corporate power, and access to healthy food.

And they didn’t even mention how our efforts are helping our SEIU friends! Talk about a two-fer: make Big Food submit to our will, while simultaneously scoring points with our union donors buddies!  Anyway, the Atlantic author summarizes rather succinctly exactly why this is anything butt a “soft” target for Lady M:

Childhood obesity is a focal point for issues of social justice.

Lest we forget: social justice is why the Wons took a demotion and came to Washington in the first place - to “fundamentally transform America.”



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