Monday, February 6, 2012

Win Won For the Gypper!

The Pre-game Show is over:

bo pregame

The Super Bowl is over

superbowl over

Madonna is sooo over:

madonna superbowl

What does it all mean?

Apparently, it means that Big Guy deserves 4 more years to WTF. I base that conclusion on Big Guy’s pre-game interview where - despite suggesting in an interview three years ago that if he didn’t turn the economy around in three years, his presidency was going to be a “one-term proposition.’ - he told Matt last night that, “I deserve a second term” because “We’ve made progress.” And that progress resulted in a surprisingly robust jobs report last Friday.

That unexpectedly good jobs report showed unemployment dropped to 8.3%! (Up only .7% from the Super Bowl 3 years ago! That’s progress.). In order to get to that robust number however, we had to tweak our labor participation rate (LPR) a little.


Wow! We tweaked it all the way down to 64%!! That’s the lowest LPR since 1984!  That’s good, right?

So when Big Guy say’s we’ve made progress and things are going in the right direction, I guess he means that…we’ve got fewer people available to work? So our unemployment rate goes down?  With a shrinking workforce? That’s good?

Let’s analyze, using the NFL as an example.

Let’s say the  “labor participation rate” of 100% for the NFL on any given Sunday is 45 players: the number each team is allowed to bring to the game. Now let’s say the NFL Commissioner determines that the teams need to post better revenue numbers for the season, so he requires each team to cut their player roster by 36%. He determined that if every team dropped any player who hadn’t played in the last 3 games, they would easily reach the new NFL “LPR” of 64%, or 29 players.

So there you go: numbers up, players down, everything’s good, right?

Except of course for the 16 guys on every team who don’t have anywhere to go on Sundays anymore, who are going to lose their home since they don’t get a paycheck from the team anymore, have exhausted their unemployment benefits and don’t have a retirement program because they didn’t play long enough to qualify. And now that they’re hopelessly out of shape, they find out they’ve been disappeared through the mathamagicals of Obamanomics.

We just better HOPE that Brady and Manning stay healthy in the upcoming season because their backup quarterbacks were part of the “labor participation rate” reduction program.

Now let’s get out there and Win Won for the Gypper!

pg-2-obama-wink-gettyThe Gypper says: Playing fair means playing by the rules (Chicago rules)

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