Friday, April 27, 2012

Free Lavaughn: We Share Her Fantasy


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"It is hard to sneak around and do what you want," Michelle Obama said today. "I have done it a couple of times. But you know one fantasy I have, and the Secret Service they keep looking at me because they think I might actually do it, is to walk right out the front door and just keep walking."

Yes; her fantasy. That’s what Lady M chose to share with the kids who attended an Executive Office “Take your children to work day” function. Coincidentally, that’s the same fantasy a lot of parents who no longer have a job to take their children to on this new national holiday are having.

AP120426012551If it’s a gingham checked tablecloth skirt, it must be campaign season


At last year’s event, Lady M revealed what she wore when she felt like being pretty:

nice_thumb1Turns out it was the same cocktail dress she wore for U.S. Army Sergeant First Class Jared C. Monti’s posthumous Medal of Honor ceremony - what else?

You may recall, I gave you a primer last year on how “Take our daughters to work” day morphed into the “Take our children to work” holiday:

What used to be Take Your Daughter to Work Day  morphed into "Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day" once boys figured out that they had to go to school while the girls got to skip class and tag along with mom to her office.

And while feminists hated the idea, (boys, after all, don’t need roll models) once the boys demanded equal rights there wasn’t anything they could do to stop the PC and fairness police squad from including them in the skip day. And so now dad is on the hook for dragging the kid to the office too. Viva la equality! Thanks to NOW (who invented TYDTWD) all kids can enjoy another free day.

As a result we have created a generation of kids who think when you grow up you spend your days in an office making photocopies of games and puzzles, instant messaging people in the cubicle next door, making microwave popcorn and generally entertaining visitors. Butt that’s just not true: not everyone works for the government.

For his part Big Guy went to the University of North Carolina (and Iowa and Colorado) earlier in the week to kick off a two day campaign event show the kids how they could do their part:

President Obama opened a two-day, three-campus swing on Tuesday designed to recapture the youth vote that helped propel him to the White House four years ago, presenting himself once more as a product of poverty in implicit contrast to his wealthy opponent.

In the process, he reminded them several times that he and Lady M weren’t born to wealthy families and that he felt their pain:

At his first stop at the Chapel Hill campus of the University of North Carolina, Mr. Obama pressed Congress to stop student loan interest rates from rising significantly this summer, recalling in vivid terms the “mountain of debt” that he and his wife accumulated when they were students. While he did not mention Mitt Romney’s name, the comparison was hardly lost on his audience.

univ co bo“I don’t deserve this.”

He advised them to tell their members of Congress not to double the rates on student debt. Because after all, aren’t things hard enough as it is? With 1 out of 2 college grads unable to find any job at all, let alone won in their chosen field of social justice.

And boy, talk about doubling rates! This is something kids can really relate to. They’ve already seen it happen with the price of gas, hamburger, milk, cheese, mayonnaise - even those healthy fresh veggies Lady M wants us to eat. Now that the number of students whose parents are unemployed has doubled too, it’s really starting to impact them since mommy and daddy can’t afford to pay the full freight anymore.

In other, unrelated, news: GDP unexpectedly fell to just 2.2% last quarter, down from our robust 3% growth rate in the previous quarter. Boy, I guess a trillion dollars just doesn’t buy what it used to.

Anyway, despite complaints by the GOP that Big Guy’s been using taxpayer money for campaign trips, here’s proof that Big Guy has NOT been using Air Force Won and the Secret Service for illegal swing state visits including butt not necessarily limited to giving stump speeches:

"Good evening, and welcome to the general election," Obama campaign manager Jim Messina told reporters on a conference call to announce the rallies this evening. "The Republicans have settled on a candidate — or should I say settled for a candidate."

Howdy Messina didn’t even officially kick off the campaign until yesterday.

messy-doody-1 copyThe show doesn’t start until the dummy says so

So case closed, GOP knuckleheads. Just because we’re on Air Force Won doesn’t mean we’re campaigning.

this way little manSometimes we’re just taking our guests to a NCAA playoff game

Today, both Big Guy and Lady M are on a non-campaign trip to Georgia to visit our troops at Fort Stewart:


We’re wearing a recycled L'Wren Scott cardigan. Being frugal: another sure sign of campaigning. We did get a new red princess style dress and red flats to wear it with though.

bo mo ft stewart go

Hey, we’re frugal, not broke. And what better way to demonstrate that “ well yes, thank you, we are better off than we were four years ago!”

So, how you doin’?



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