Friday, April 29, 2011

What to Wear When You Just Feel Like Looking Pretty

helloLady M ponders a question from one of the children at “Take Our Sons and Daughters To Work Day”

What used to be Take Your Daughter to Work Day  morphed into "Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day" once boys figured out that they had to go to school while the girls got to skip class and tag along with mom to her office.

And while feminists hated the idea, (boys, after all, don’t need roll models) once the boys demanded equal rights there wasn’t anything they could do to stop the PC and fairness police squad from including them in the skip day. And so now dad is on the hook for dragging the kid to the office too. Viva la equality! Thanks to NOW (who invented TYDTWD) all kids can enjoy another free day.

As a result we have created a generation of kids who think when you grow up you spend your days in an office making photocopies of games and puzzles, instant messaging people in the cubicle next door, making microwave popcorn and generally entertaining visitors. Butt that’s just not true: not everyone works for the government.


Now, I know what some of you are thinking: “MOTUS, how can Lady M participate in the Take Our Sons and Daughters To Work Day  when she doesn’t even have a job?”  Well, you couldn’t be more wrong. Lady M has a full time job, just like royalty, and she’s on the job 24/7. She just doesn’t get paid. And believe me - there’s been some heated discussion around here about that little problem.

Butt I digress. Lady M’s job yesterday was to serve as a roll model and answer the children’s questions. And they were curious about everything from her favorite book (Song of Solomon)  to her favorite color (Lavender… Lavender!?). And one of the kids, whose goal is to be on Project Runway when he grows up, wanted to know how she chooses what to wear each day:

"It really depends on the day," Obama said, adding that she wore a colorful floral dress on Thursday because she had a luncheon to attend. "It's pretty, and I felt like being pretty today."

And here’s the colorful floral dress that Lady M chose to wear yesterday in order to “feel pretty.”


Do you recognize it?

No? Maybe this view of Lady M arriving for yesterday’s  ceremony will help:


Remember yet? We made an almost identical entrance in the same dress for another celebration ceremony way back in September of 2009:


That’s right! It’s the same frock we wore for one of our first Medal of Honor ceremonies!  At the time some of you thought it was a bit inappropriate, remember? At the ceremony, Big Guy awarded the Medal of Honor, the nation's highest award for bravery, posthumously to Sgt. Jared Monti’s parents. Sgt. Monti, you may recall, died while repeatedly trying to reach a wounded comrade during a firefight on an Afghan mountaintop. A true American Hero.

I’m not trying to tell you that you didn’t have a right to be upset at the time. I’m just saying that now you know that Lady M just felt like looking pretty that day, perhaps you understand the issue a little better.

Anyway, completely OT, butt Lady M is still stunned and a little hurt that she and Big Guy weren’t invited to Will and Kate’s beautiful wedding today. I suspect there will be a lot of pouting, shouting and throwing stuff around today. So I’ll be laying low.

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