Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter. Only Springier. More Gaia, Less God.


granny's table clothLady M prepares to do the bunny hop

It was a perfect day for a garden party: sunny and warm. The perfect day to break out a new sun-frock. In keeping with our “all things green” theme, this one was made out of recycled tablecloths from Granny’s cupboard.

I think our guests, all 30,000 of them, enjoyed our big Spring Sphere Roll – which is kind of like an egg roll,

EggRolls_vegexcept it’s not fried, so it’s a lot healthier. And springy-er.






We served the usual: Green eggs,

easter-2011-eggsThe Obamas’ green eggs are made of sustainable wood. Good to know.

and a lot of ham:

nothing to itChicka Chicka and Boom Boom



Al and Jacque came to cook, butt I don’t think Kelly eats…

al and kelly

although she was apparently hungry, and fought with Al for that crepe. Good choice to go for Al’s crepe rather than Lady M’s.

wowthatsgoodtongueLady M with Jada Pinkett Smith, applauding the assembly of the crepes.

Even Little Bo was allowed out for the photo op:

somebod loves me

It was kind of mean letting Little Bo out with Bunnies running around everywhere. Wee Won 1 was charged with making sure he didn’t catch one.


perfect OThe perfect O. Butt we know there’s a viper tongue in there.

And to the haters out there who are being critical of Big Guy for not issuing an official Easter statement, all I can say is it was just an oversight due to the unexpected length of time it took him to complete his round of golf on Holy Saturday. Butt don’t worry, he’s been chastised for his transgression, and I don’t think it will happen again.

whitehouse lightening strikeH/T American Digest

In addition to the golf, Big Guy did manage to squeeze in his weekly radio address, that you can read about over at Dewey’s: Deconstructing Obama’s Latest Campaign Speech: Market Fraud.

And I haven’t forgotten about my TIME 100 expose. I’ve completed the analysis and will post the results late this afternoon. I just thought you would want to know what went on at our Spring Sphere Garden Party. Between it and the TIME analysis I’m exhausted! Maybe I’ll sleep in a little tomorrow morning.