Thursday, April 28, 2011

Obama: Exactly How Great Art Thou?

We’ve had a very active week so far; between Birthers, whirling vortexes of all ilk, and quantitative easings. A quick re-cap:

Big Guy and Lady M stormed Chicago…

hi ya

to win Oprah’s undying love and support, and monetary commitment for underwriting the 2012 campaign (WTF).

SS counter Attack Team CATTeam-Obama advance krewe, SS CAT (counter attack team) sweeps into HARPO studios.

While tornados roar through the country.

tornadoHeading into a storm

And the Bernanke explains why the economy is doing just fine, thank you, and all we really need is a little centrally planned inflation, while setting the table for a little more quantitative easing i.e., printing money. That would be QE3, in case you’ve lost count.

bernanakeThe Bernanke, explaining (note ‘breaking news’) how to print money without actually printing money

Meanwhile, Cocky Toxic Timmy has things completely upside down, and lectures the R-words on the irresponsibility of not raising the debt ceiling (as opposed to the irresponsible spending that compels the increase).

timmy twoThis is a Rorschach test: do you see a rat or a weasel?

Then Big Guy rolls into New York to roll New York Dems at a series of fundraisers, and pokes fun at the Donald: “This is not a reality show” (No kidding. It’s obviously not a talent show either).

After releasing a copy of his Hawaiian birth certificate that creates more questions than it answers.

birth-certificate-long-form_thumb[11]Layers of questions

In the middle of a war in Afghanistan, and in the midst of the greatest unrest and uprisings across the Middle East in a lifetime, Big Guy announces that he’s pulling his general to put him in charge of the CIA (so they can reset their rules of engagement too).

All while the world awaits the pomp and circumstance of an inconsequential important royal wedding.

Screenshot Studio capture #055

So what do you say we just shove everything aside for now and take a few moments to enjoy a lovely performance by Carrie Underwood and Vince Gill that I found over on Powerline.

I don’t usually listen to either country music or American Idol winners, butt here’s why I should:

American Idol Rocks it “How Great Thou Art” at Country Music Awards, 2010

If you’re still torqued off after watching this, Doug Ross has a suggestion: Join the peaceful, completely non-violent Sticky Note Campaign. And don’t forget to take pictures.