Sunday, April 22, 2012

Pit bulls, we buy ‘em - walking, standing or down.

Don’t say I didn’t try to steer you in the right direction regarding Lady M’s fingerprints being all over the “War Against Republican Women named Ann”

Well anyway, don’t worry Hil, you won’t be alone under the bus for long. Whoever came up with that stupid talking point: “what could stay at home moms who’ve never worked a day in their lives know about the economy?” will be right there along side you pretty soon.

Unless of course it was someone who is bulletproof.

hc2_thumb[2]Bulletproof, armed and dangerous.

Hoo-weee! And sure enough, the National Enquirer, using old fashioned journalistic tricks (careful sourcing) traces evidence of this conspiracy right back to the Big White!

“Michelle had her claws out to get Ann, but it quickly backfired and Barack was livid when he heard she had secretly directed the attack,” said the source.

“What Michelle didn’t remember was that when Barack was running for president, he told ABC’s ‘Good Morning America’ that it was unfair to attack Michelle, saying his wife was off limits. Here they were, however, doing the same thing to Romney’s wife four years later. (snip)

“Behind the scenes, Michelle has vented that she worked hard as a lawyer in addition to being a mom.

She also made jokes about Ann Romney ‘working at leading a rich lifestyle,’ includ­ing the fact that Ann competes in horse shows.

“Michelle is determined to do whatever it takes to keep her husband in the White House. She’s learned politics is a dirty business. It’s only a matter of time before she comes up with another plan to go after Ann.”

Did I not tell you that Hilary Rosen really didn’t appreciate being thrown under that bus? Generally in this town – especially if you’re in charge - you can get away with dissing a lot of people. Butt a menopausal lesbian militant feminist? Good luck with that, I don’t care who you are.

lesbian menopausal robotLesbian menopausal militant feminist robot

So in case you feel the need to track down the “inside source” that dished this story about the person who came up with the “I’ve got a good idea: let’s attack Ann Romney like we did Sarah Palin!”  feel free to hire your own hound dog. I however have already followed the scent directly to Hilary’s lair, and I’m satisfied with that.

The more interesting question is “how did we come to this tactic in the first place?” What on earth made Lady M think this was a good idea? Aside from the fact that she believed herself to be bulletproof.

To answer this question we must step back and take a deep breath, as there’s a lot of history here. First, remember MO is a charter member of the “I hate America” club, and their charter contains the entire text of  Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.


Big Guy’s team has become so enamored with Alinsky’s rules (especially # 5 and # 13), that they’ve employed them almost exclusively in their WTF campaign. And sometimes they’re so wrapped up in applying the rules of community organizing that they lose sight of the main objective: WINNING! Having your fun is fine, as long as it doesn’t jeopardize your chances of WINNING!

I daresay the scales had already tipped a bit towards the “fun” vs. WINNING! side when we  launched the original “Republican’s War on Women.”

 h/t NiceDebconservative_women_30     Conservative women: not “authentic” enough for NOW. In the same way conservatives “of color” are not authentic enough for Race Baiters United

And frankly, when the war front shifted to a direct attack on Ann Romney - mother, cancer survivor, MS sufferer - even Hilary was a little skeptical. Butt then Lady M reminded her that  every woman in America despises heterosexual attractive blonde haired, blue eyed one percenters who ride horses.


That’s all it took: Hilary was IN! (She always wanted a pony or a unicorn as a young girl.)

In their defense MO and Hil weren’t the only ones in the chain of fools command who miscalled this one. Rule #13 is not appropriate if you don’t choose the right target. And let’s face it - in retrospect picking Ann as the “face” to “freeze, polarize and personalize” as the poster child of repressed, unliberated (i.e., stupid) conservative women who are ruining the Liberal Dream for America might not have been exactly inspired.

People could understand the team going after the likes of Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman because after all, being politicians; they were asking for it. Ditto the conservative commentators like the other, other Michelle (Malkin), Laura Ingraham, Megyn Kelly, etc.  -working mothers, all, I might point out – butt still not authentically liberated. (that reminds me, I have to check on the status of my Supremacy Clause case)

And in their commitment to pursuing the directives of the “Coach,” everyone, including Lady M, forgot that it was Big Guy himself back in 2008 who went on network TV and demanded that people stop picking on Lady M for only recently being proud of her country; saying that it was unfair to attack a candidate’s family.

So naturally BO was ticked off when he discovered that his own life mate had revealed him to be a hypocrite. Needless to say, Lady M is in his dog house for the time being.

MEAT LOCKER copyAKA: the Meat Locker

And believe me, Lady M isn’t taking this well. After all, their marriage pact listed in detail the division of labor in employing the Chicago Rules for future political and financial gain. Lady M was clearly in charge of all pit bull responsibilities including butt not limited to hand selecting other pit bosses and launching jugular attacks herself as required.



Oh sure, they’re cute when they’re little; butt they always grow up.

So MO thinks Big Guy violated the terms of their contract by blaming her for the fallout. She’s so mad she’s even looking into buying her law license back in order to prosecute should we ever have to leave office for any reason.

Yeah – I’ve got a license. You want to see it? Do you feel lucky? Well do you punk?

After all, wasn’t it Lady M who came up with the “Let’s trash Sarah Palin for being a bubble-headed bimbo” meme? Butt as is often the case after getting a big hit like that under her (boob) belt, she felt invincible:

20091111_mobama_091111Under that steel reinforced boob belt lurks a heart of, er, steel.

What MO forgot was that in D.C.- where your only real friend is going to be a dog - you’re only as good as your last trick. Big Guy still hasn’t even figured out that his only real friend here was going to be a dog. Now he’s pretty much queered that deal too.

bo and little bo and...I really wouldn’t strike this pose again if I were Big BO. Little Bo is onto him now.

Anyway, given the amount of pushback on the words that Hilary misspoke, there’s no denying that the War on Ann was a misguided application of the much revered Rule # 13.

Butt it was sort of sweet to see the way that Ann’s boys sprung to their mother’s defense.

mama_bear_with_cubsx-300x225Mama Grizzlies just seem to elicit that response in their cubs.

One might even conclude that being raised by a woman who has never worked a day in her life seemed to have resulted in a rather normal, loving, supportive, intact family unit that reacted as you might expect. I wonder how that happened? Probably the exception that makes the rule that you can only raise a well balanced family by being a “working” mom.

In the same way that “working mom” Courtney Love’s less than supportive young cub is an exception to the “quality vs.quantity time” rule of child rearing. Although in fairness to other working mothers, most of Courtney’s child-rearing MIA time was only nominally due to her “working outside the home.” 

Screenshot Studio capture #503Frances Bean Cobain and mom, Courtney Love

On the other hand, she must have done something right, as Frances seems to have a good deal more sense than her mom.

While I'm generally silent on the affairs of my biological mother, her recent tirade has taken a gross turn.

Twitter should ban my mother.

They should probably ban a whole lot of other people too. Butt until they do, we’ll continue to have a lot of fun.


obama will not eat breitbart's dog-2 copy

R.I.P. Breitbart, we’ll take it from here

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