Thursday, April 26, 2012

Schooling the Supremes on our New Constitution

Our Supremes arguments have not been going as well as we would’ve HOPEd. First the slap down in  Sackett vs. EPA, then the Obamacare arguments,

Ezra klein tweet

which were so painful they were handing out prescription pain-killers outside chambers; and now, more judicial rough-up – by our friends no less – on the Arizona Immigration Law. Even the wise Latina had a hard time understanding the wisdom of the Solicitor General’s arguments:

JUSTICE SOTOMAYOR: General, I’m terribly confused by your answer. O.K.? And I don’t know that you’re focusing in on what I believe my colleagues are trying to get to.

Can I get to a different question? …Because I, frankly — as the chief has said to you, it’s not that it’s forcing you to change your enforcement priorities. You don’t have to take the person into custody. So what’s left of your argument?

Justice Kennedy seemed likewise confused:

JUSTICE KENNEDY: So you’re saying the government has a legitimate interest in not enforcing its laws?

And Justice Scalia just wondered which sovereign state Mr. Verrilli was representing in his briefs:

JUSTICE SCALIA: So we have to — we have to enforce our laws in a manner that will please Mexico. Is that what you’re saying?

GENERAL VERRILLI: No, Your Honor, but what — no, Your Honor, I’m not saying that –

JUSTICE SCALIA: Sounded like what you were saying.

When it’s no longer even good enough for government work, maybe we need to get a new top legal beagle. Say! Wasn’t Big Guy a lawyer at one time? Maybe he can buy his law license back and school the Supreme Court on constitutional law himself!!!

prof o-2 copy

Constitutional division of power, explained by Constitutional Professer  barack_obama_logo___hope_circl_by_ryankopfbama.

Or wait, that won’t work. He’s already got a job.

Okay then, we turn to our second line of defense. Lady M is nearly as eloquent a speaker as Big Guy. We could temporarily reassign her from fundraising detail to Clean Up on the Supreme Court; assuming the repurchase of her “voluntarily surrendered law license” can  be completed in time to make oral arguments.

mo milking it“Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve come before you today to tell you we’ve all just got to learn how to milk these laws a little better! Right? Am I right? Come on Let’s Moove! Milk it! Milk it!”

Because clearly we’re going to have to send someone up to the Supremes who’s capable of defending the indefensible. It’s clear that the solicitor we’ve got in there now is another one of them dawgs that just don’t hunt!

dick the dogDick, the dog, isn’t really much good for hunting.

Anyway, I’ve got much more important news to report: have you heard that Lady M again made People Magazine’s most beautiful people list? Although it’s not clear in which category – it might be the newest one: wives of world dictators leaders. Not that it matters. We’re downplaying this since MO wasn’t named Numero Uno Most Beautiful (that honor went to her new BFF and pen pal, Beyoncé).

Anyway as I’ve already explained, Lady M really has more important things to do with her time:

mo pushing it

and your money.

mo gandp.3jpgI’m just so honored to be here, on your dime, raising money to get my husband reelected! Thank you all sooo much!

Anyhoo, I’ve got to run butt before I do I just wanted to let you in on the latest entry in my “that bitch stole my look” log. This one isn’t technically a “look” steal, butt a line stolen from James Carville, world famous political pundit and pit bull to ex-president Bill “Big Dawg” Clinton. Seems he’s whining about Romney stealing - and stepping all over - his copyrighted  world famous line: “It’s the economy, stupid.”  Reimagined here by the Mittster as “It’s still the economy, and we’re not stupid.” Wow! That’s got the ragin’ Cajun so spittin’ mad that he’s using it to raise money for BO!

james_carvilleThat bitch stole my line!

Butt with the RNC breathing down our neck about BO’s and MO’s misuse of taxpayers funds for Big Guy’s fundraising trips we may have to call in all the dogs to help fill our coffers this time around.

clinton sax

“Members of the media are questioning the Obama administration’s numerous “official business” trips to swing states, during which he has been giving stump speeches and raising campaign funds.”

So what exactly are they implying? That Big Guy isn’t paying his fair share?


obama will not eat breitbart's dog-2 copy

RIP. We’ll take it from here.

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