Monday, October 1, 2012

A Scapegoat in hand is worth more than another round of Bush

Breitbart is currently running a story in which Joel Pollack claims that Romney is currently filling the role of a “scape-president:”

In effect, "President" Romney has been in office since mid-August, with none of the power but all of the responsibility.

Which is really nothing other than proof of it's corollary:

In effect, “President” Obama has been in office since January 2009, with all of the power butt none of the responsibility.

scapegoat good as solutionSometimes a good scapegoat is better than your bad solution.

This is a brilliant strategy from Big Guy’s Big Brains. Here’s a partial list (so far) of things  the real incumbent is not responsible for, on account of it was all Bush’s fault:

bo filling the big empty chairThis is your life, Big Guy! Can I get you a pillow?

And, according to the rule of corollaries, if you’re not responsible, that means that your scapegoat IS. And now that the Republicans have an official presidential candidate, the torch has been passed.

romney-bushFade to the right…

So it looks like we’ve got everything back on track to WTF (“Win The Future,” in case you forgot). And just in time, because while Osama is still dead, GM is headed towards bankruptcy again; and al Queda, well, as I indicated above, it’s becoming revitamized.

(h/t: Doug Ross)

And it’s a good thing we’ve got a new scapegoat. People were starting to feel a little nostalgic about the old one, which is never a good sentiment for your fans to feel towards your scapegoat.

bush miss me yetMiss me yet?

So the only thing we know at this point is whoever wins this election is going to inherit the biggest mess in history. Which is good for Big Guy because he likes to have something to blame stuff on.

bo thumbs up with guinessChill, dude, I’ve got this thing in the bag.

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