Thursday, October 4, 2012

Obama debacle: not a good idea to believe your own press clippings

Let’s just say that it might have turned out better for Big Guy if Romney had chosen to debate an empty chair.

Republican ConventionChairman.vs.Empty Chair: there’s a reason it never gets old

Now are you beginning to understand what “above my pay grade” means? Apparently “Amateur” was more than just a good title for a book.

Some people expected the debate to be Harvard Law School vs. Harvard Business School. Unfortunately it turned out to be more like Harvard Business School vs. Community (organizer) College.

Real life is often just like school: the student who spends his days daydreaming instead of studying and preparing tends to flunk (or at least only get a B+) while the smart kid aces the test.

Bo dam2“I don’t see why we can’t just move this dam 1500 yards to the left.”

Let’s just say that last night was, in a word, extraordinary. Okay, two words: extraordinary and unexpected.

Even BO’s biggest fans expressed some concern over their boy’s (is that racist?) performance:

sullivan tweetYeah Andy, we know how much you and the rest of the “high info” State-run media “love the guy”

And TOTUS even got a shout-out!

maher tweet

Finally, late into the night, Twitter just completely shut down due to an outbreak of mass depression.

And poor Chrissy, over at Ms.NBC; he’s going to have to double up on his manic depressive drug of choice (if his liver can withstand it). No longer tingling; now he’s just tinkling – giving a brand new meaning to “trickledown government”

Since all of Big Guy’s plans to fundamentally transform America rely on people’s economic illiteracy, the irony of last night’s debate is that the Transformer-in-Chief showed himself to be the most economically illiterate person in the room. (That IS a TRANSFORMATION!)

If there’s still any doubt in your mind as to how BO did last night, look no further than the faces in the audience of his two chief “advisors”:

valjar mo silhouettesMamma I and Big Mamma don’t look too happy with their boy’s performance

Part of the problem last night might have been that Big Guy was a bit distracted since it was his and Lady M’s 20th wedding anniversary (!) and they usually celebrate with a big date night.

mo get me out of hereYeah, happy effing anniversary to you too!

If there’s a lesson to be had from last night’s debate debacle it’s this: never send an amateur to do a professional job.

Number 1 amateur mistake: believing your own press clippings.

ObamaHalo5And remember: past performance is no guarantee of future results.

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