Wednesday, October 3, 2012

MOTUS' Handy Debate-1 Show Prep Guide

Just a quick reminder, as noted by PatAZ and Texas Chick, live blogging the debate can be found at Jim Teacher, Weasel Zippers and probably at Ace of Spades HQ and other sites:

jim teached

dick morris

weasel zippers



before it's news

So, load up the tea trolley, make some popcorn and kick back with yer computer, tablet or smartphone and enjoy the show. And if you want to have really big fun, you can play (thanks to Full-Metal Spanx) Barack’s Bullshit Bingo! Report your “BINGO” right here for a chance at a fabulous and valuable prize!

bo bingo

Print out the board and get your marker ready!

CAUTION: My Legal Department requires me to advise that Bingo Markers should only be used on a Game Board printed on paper or card stock, and not on the screen of your monitor, laptop, tablet, smartphone or TeeVee.

CAUTION 2: My Legal Department requires me to advise that consuming beverages from a “tea trolley” stocked with adult beverages can cause unexpected, angry reactions to the sound of Barack Obama’s voice. Please use caution and keep objects which could damage your TeeVee if thrown at least 50 feet away from the viewing area.