Sunday, November 4, 2012

“Change your clocks today and your president on Tuesday”

Down to the final 2! We’re racing towards the finish line:

home stretchBo is in the house

For the final push we’ve unleashed the hounds and called in the big dawg:

bill clinton Yeah, I feel your pain. Vote for the little twit anyway.


And we’ve called on our celebrity friends and benefactors for one last booty call:

katy perry forwardgabrielle union final booty call for bo

At this point everything is geared to reach the “vote early and often” crowd we’re counting on to carry the day.

vote early oftenChicagoland get-out-the-vote sign: “Cast a vote, get a free beer! Limit 12”

So here we are working our butts off to haul as many dead carcasses across the finish line as we need to WIN, and still we have to deal with all this off-topic viciousness from the crazy, right-wing attack dogs. Take Mark Steyn for example; here he is yammering on and on about old news: Sandy, last week’s Storm Of The Century So Far (SOTCSF) and Benghazi (hello! That was 7 weeks ago!):

He announced that he'd instructed his officials to answer all calls within 15 minutes because in America "we leave nobody behind." By doing all this, the president "shows" he "cares" – which is true in the sense that in Benghazi he was willing to leave the entire consulate staff behind, and nobody had their calls answered within seven hours, because presumably he didn't care. So John Brennan, the Counterterrorism guy, and Tony Blinken, the National Security honcho, briefed the president on the stiff breeze, but on Sept. 11, 2012, when a little counterterrorism was called for, nobody bothered calling the Counterterrorism Security Group, the senior U.S. counterterrorism bureaucracy.

We’re trying to wrap up the most important reelection in US history and all Steyn can yap about is a little miscalculation in Benghazi and the SOTCSF? And not just that, he even took a cheap shot at BO’s business attire: “all jacket and no bombers”


Ah yes, butt he wears it well. Probably well enough to send tingles up somebody’s leg; possibly this  cub reporter with the Prezzy’s entourage:

reporter embracing boI know it’s exciting to travel with Big Guy, butt slow down there Skippy, it’s slick out there.


Butt I digress; Mr. Steyn continues: “…in different ways the response to Hurricane Sandy and Benghazi exemplify the fundamental unseriousness of the superpower at twilight.” Are you kidding me? “Unserious?” Big Guy!?

bo bomber hold my callsYeah, hold my calls for about 24 hours, okay?

bo constitutionAu contraire; he’s as serious as a heart attack.

So as you prepare to go to the polls to vote again and again, remember what everyone says about BO: if there’s any fault to be found with him, it’s that he cares too much:

bo's got your back and feels your painEspecially about typical white women

And you can always count on him to have your back.

bo wink

Until such time, of course, as he doesn’t…

obama fema help sandyobama-flag-bloody-wall.benghazi png

due to other pressing commitments.

bo vegas sept 12

Well, that’s about it for now folks, except for this public service message brought to you by the Instapundit:

REMINDER: Don’t forget to change your clocks tonight, and your President on Tuesday.

Oh, and while you’re at it, maybe you should also check those batteries in the smoke alarm. Once they’ve been corroded, it will no longer be of any use to you. The result might be, well, disastrous.

Obama_-_My_Work_Here_Is_DoneWe hope so, Big Guy, we hope so.


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