Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The day after

day after still empty

The good news is, we survived the storm. The bad news is, we survived the storm. And the chair’s still empty.


Smile: Nat King Cole


This year’s popularity contest turned out to be very expensive. Here we are, $2 billion later and basically back to exactly where we started. Campaigns seem to operate with as much efficiency as the government.

If there is a moral to this story it is that voting is indeed the best revenge. Better, even, than voting your lady parts.

Revenge-S2Spoilers0912Of course if you vote for both revenge and your lady parts, you end up with 70% of the single lady vote.

Do nice guys always finish last? Apparently. And assuredly, when the only kind of class anyone will vote for anymore is “warfare.”

class warIf these are your foot soldiers, you might want to consider mercenaries. Oh, I forgot, you already use them!

As future historians sift through the ashes of the devastating fire of 2012 they will no doubt find all the usual suspects:

  • Bush (nobody could have gotten us out of the hole he dug!),

bush miss me yet

  • the Republican candidate (he wasn’t conservative/mean/non-Mormon enough),

romney2lets vote for the other guyAnd did I mention he wears magic underwear?

  • the100 year hurricane (it made the Won look like a god again)

121101-obama-sandyDid I mention he wears magic shoes?

  • the complicity of the media in advancing the Democratic agenda (duh!):

Somebody — was it Burke? — called journalism the fourth estate. That was true at the time no doubt. But at the present moment it is the only estate. It has eaten up the other three. The Lords Temporal say nothing, the Lords Spiritual have nothing to say, and the House of Commons has nothing to say and says it. We are dominated by Journalism. Oscar Wilde

The veracity of the candidates will not be discussed, as lying is a given in politics. Besides, truth no longer matters in our classless society of class warfare voters. The end justifies the means and all, you know.

calvin.jends justify meanspg

Butt in the final analysis the only blame to be placed is on the electorate itself. As the final tally indicates, Romney was correct all along: 47% of the country will never vote the non-Democratic ticket: most minorities, youth, union members and anybody else who wants free stuff. Together they form a coalition of the aggrieved and entitled and as such they will, in the words of Robert Heinlein (h/t Grace) “always vote (their) own self-interest as he sees it…which for the majority translates as ‘Bread and Circuses.’”

So with all due respect Big Guy, I must disagree with your acceptance speech: yes we most assuredly are “as divided as our politics suggest.” The optimists in our midst on both sides of the divide say we must carryon, as that is what the republic dictates. Indeed. In the short term we have no other option since, as Lyndon Johnson told us (h/t Cripes Suzette), a nation divided cannot stand:

…as your President, I have put the unity of the people first. I have put it ahead of any divisive partisanship. And in these times as in times before, it is true that a house divided against itself by the spirit of faction, of party, of region, of religion, of race, is a house that cannot stand.

Butt neither can a moral and/or fiscally bankrupt nation. If Big Guy doesn’t find a way to unite the two Americas he created by carving us out by faction, party, region, religion and race, our fiscal house will never be righted, let alone our constitutional house. In that eventuality we are headed down a long, dusty road.

There is division in the American house now. There is divisiveness among us all tonight. And holding the trust that is mine, as President of all the people, I cannot disregard the peril to the progress of the American people and the hope and the prospect of peace for all peoples. So, I would ask all Americans, whatever their personal interests or concern, to guard against divisiveness and all its ugly consequences.

Hey, maybe I should give Big Guy an iPod with that presidential speech on it.

So saddle-up cowboys and cowgals!  We’ve got a country to save here. Let’s ride! And I don’t mean into the sunset.

for-a-few-dollars-more-1“Who wants a president who will knowingly, repeatedly tell you something he knows is not true?” Bill Clinton

Well, Bubba, apparently 50% of the American people. And who would know that better than you?

clinton pointed his finger at us“I did not…” oh heck, you know how it goes…

Pick Yourself Up: Diana Krall

Today, we lick our wounds and cry exactly 4 more tears. Tomorrow, we mobilize to take America back. Again!

Oh, and by the way, the Tea Party called they want their country back too:



Dear Motus,

I know how you feel this morning. The reelection of President Obama and continued Democratic control of the Senate means we have serious challenges ahead of us. 

But I'm writing to offer you hope. Since this grassroots movement for freedom began just a few years ago, we've accomplished so much.

In 2010, we elected a massive freshmen class of principled conservatives in the House of Representatives. In 2012, we've expanded that caucus by defeating numerous Democratic incumbents and replacing them with conservative leaders like Jackie Walorski of Indiana, Andy Barr of Kentucky, Mark Meadows of North Carolina, and more.

We also elected Marco Rubio, Mike Lee, Rand Paul, and a new fiscally conservative core in the Senate two years ago. This election, we've expanded their ranks with newly-minted Senators Ted Cruz of Texas, Deb Fischer of Nebraska, and Jeff Flake of Arizona. 

We drove the national political conversation on our issues of constitutionally limited government, free markets, and individual liberty. Candidates who ran on and articulated our message not only created a clear choice for voters but were overwhelmingly victorious in this election. That is the power of our ideas and our movement.

This election we made millions of phone calls, distributed millions of campaign materials, and took our message across our nation. More importantly, we've grown this decentralized, grassroots community into a larger, stronger, permanent force for freedom. And we aren't going away.

We've accomplished so much, but clearly, our work is not done. I want to thank you for all your hard work and your tireless support. 

We must never give up. We must never stop fighting. America's future depends on it.

Thank you again.

In Liberty,


Matt Kibbe

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