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Butt first, a Public Service Announcement for the victims of Hurricane Sandy:

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Stay home, we’re closed. Oh, I forgot: you don’t have a home, do you? Well in that case get back to us after the storm and we’ll see what we can do.

ELECTION-DAY-2012“You’re doing a heck of a job, Brownie” (h/t G.W.Bush)

Anyway, on a different front, and having had a little more time to think things through, I have a few more random thoughts on Big Guy’s reelection:

Even though BO is the epitome of Jimmy Carter on steroids, and everything was shaping up for a Jimmy Carter style shellacking, the culture of the country has been so fundamentally transformed since then it was silly to expect the same outcome. For instance, back in 1980 the only Muslims anyone in American had ever heard of were the Ayatollah and Cassius Clay:


And take a look at how our demographics have changed since then: Big Guy won on Tuesday partially because he got 71% (!) of the Hispanic vote. Butt back in 1980 Jimmy Carter could have gotten 100% of the Hispanic vote and it wouldn’t have moved the needle. So I think we can now safely conclude that our new policy of unsealing the border is what sealed the deal for the Won.

Indeed, due to America’s ongoing commitment to fairness and diversity, the number of non-white voters has tripled in the past 40 years; much of that due to changes in both our official and unofficial immigration policy.


1912 policy, 2012 policy

The result of the change has been a huge upsurge of voters who are recent immigrants (legal and illegal - we no longer discriminate because that would be racist). They’ve all come here for a better life, butt unfortunately only some of them came to work for it. So while we are all working (literally) to give everyone else (citizen or not) a “fair shot” at a “better life,” all they have to do to ensure themselves of a better life is to somehow get here and pull the “D” lever. I’m not sure how that’s “fair” butt then again, I just reflect, I don’t decide.


Why, it’s no wonder Chrissy Matthews thinks we’ve turned into a Third World country when it comes to voting:

“We begin to act like a Third World country — and I mean no disrespect to Third World countries here — when we start having elections you can’t trust because they keep changing the game and the rule,”

Or maybe that wasn’t what he meant. Anyway, it’s unfortunate that once we took the “work” requirement out of the “better life” part, we created a whole new cultural phenomenon. El Rushbo calls it the Santa Claus effect. I would call it “buying votes” except for the fact I know that’s illegal.

free-obama-phone-votersButt it still walks like a duck…

So no, it really isn’t the same world we were dealing with way back in 1980. Oh sure, the Iranians and their allies in the Mideast (EBI - everyone butt Israel) still wish “Death to America.” And now that we’ve allowed them to develop modern weapons with which to wage their ancient war (h/t George Carlin) we have even more to worry about than one mad Ayatollah holding a few hostages in Tehran.


Butt lets be honest, angry mobs at the gates of our embassies in foreign countries around the world demonstrating against “disgusting and reprehensible” videos that our First Amendment still somehow allows U.S. citizens to make is only one of problems. We have domestic issues to work out as well:

“…conservatives ought to recognize that our deeper problems ... are cultural, not political, and are therefore not susceptible of a political solution. The social state was intended to be such a solution: but even were its ever-expanding programs fiscally sustainable, its ideal of social welfare would still be paltry substitute for the older, better approach to the good life it was meant to replace.”

We’ve got to somehow figure out how to give these people more stuff!

This is the only conclusion I’ve been able to draw from all this so far: Big Guy’s decision to forget about the white male middle-class voters was a good one. Who needs them when we can far more easily buy the votes of the blacks, the browns and 70% of the single ladies?

Butt getting back to our immigration “policy:” I’m going to give America an “A” in diversity and an F in prudence and self-preservation. Since we mark on the curve, that’s still a solid B+.

So I don’t know if you care that Lady M chose an old Michael Kors frock from her closet for the victory party Tuesday night, or that she previously wore it at a ceremony bestowing the Medal of Honor on Army hero Staff Sergeant Salvatore Giunta, or if there is any significance to that coincidence.

  155691938moh 2010

Butt I am pretty sure you will want to know that the boob belt is back in all its glory:

mo boob belt

We’ll be seeing quite a bit of it again as MO considers it a good luck charm, sort of  an amulet of sorts.

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Say! That could be really useful! I think I better get one too.

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