Thursday, November 1, 2012

Getting Any Disqus Moniker You Wish

Hello deehra/Della Street, Maklin/sportinlife10, MOLs, MODs, MYLs, MYDs and FOMs os nay moniker, it is me Raj:

MOTUS has asked me to explain how you can all regain your old monikers in her new, and often frustrating Disqus comment system. In this mini-tutorial I, Raj, will demonstrate how “deehra” can again become “Della Street”, “Maklin” can become “sportinlife10” and anyone can become anyone in the rapid blink of your optical sensor.

Disqus can be pesky and does assign you a unique “username” when you create an account. This must be unique and it will be your “moniker< by default. However, a little nerd magic can change your “moniker” to anything you wish. It is very simple to accomplish and here’s how:

1- Login with your “Username” and Password” then hover your cursor over the Disqus box on thr right side of the comment popup:


2- Now select “”Edit Profile”:


3- Now select the “Profile” tab and enter the “moniker” you wish to be known by in the “Full Name” box. My “moniker”, is Raj and it is displayed with my posts.

Screenshot Studio capture #598

4- As you can see, on your “Account” tab, your unique “Username” remains the same and you must continue to use it to log into your Disqus account. My moniker, “Raj,” was not available as a “Username” for my account, so I have RajRajaroni as my “Username” for login.

Screenshot Studio capture #597

You can change your “moniker” to anything you want, as often as you wish, simply by changing the name entered into your “Full Name” box. Heck, you could even be Lady M or Big Guy, although you would very soon see black Suburbans in your driveway and helicopters overhead.a security clearances beyond those of mortal men, Little Mo has volunteered to assist by showing you some of the “monikers” he has employed in his assignments:


As you can see, his “Username”(disqus_d6zUOkwocy) is obviously issued by Langley, and would not be recognized by anyone without a NOC list. But his “Full Name” moniker is Little Mo. This time…Surprised smile


Here, Little Mo became someone else:


And finally, I can not confirm nor deny that this identity has been used:


As you can see, “monikering” can be fun and profitable, but please take care not to use  monikers that will summon Big Guy’s “SS” Stormtroopers.

Just remember, you will still have to login with the unique “Username” or “Email” and “Password” associated with your Disqus account, NOT your “Full Name” moniker, but the name displayed on your poste will be the “Full Name” entered on your “Profile” tab.

If you have any difficulty with regaining your “moniker,” please do not engage in hesitation and email me, Raj, at for prompt, reliable technical support.