Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Bucks Stop Here...All Of Them!

Ouch! Nothing hurts quite as much as kicking yourself in the shin. It looks like low information voters across America are waking up from the personality party they’ve been at for the past few years to discover that not only do their shiny Obama-bucks not go as far as they use to, butt now they’re taking fewer of those bucks home. Man, who could have seen that coming? I mean, shoot(am I still allowed to say that?), read Big Guy’s lips. He promised, remember?


And yet people across the country – not just wealthy Republicans – are waking up this month to lower paychecks due to those pesky payroll tax increases. Sometimes, not often in D.C, butt sometimes “temporary” really does mean “temporary.” Looks like maybe the Obots should’ve read the bill before they voted for it. Again.

Nevertheless, it’s always sad when people’s illusions are shattered. Which reminds me, I made sure Lady M was safely ensconced back in the Big White before I hit the road. As you can see, I really do need that upgrade for my imaging systems.

leaving hawaiiFashionista Lady M, leaving Hawaii, free and bare-legged; arriving, Washington D.C.,  in bondage.

mo h2mo returns hawaii 2013

I’m sure those slacks will fit better after my update.

Meanwhile, more bad news on the money front: Paul Krugman, the best Keynesian economist since, well, Keynes, isn’t interested in being Treasury Secretary. Which I guess is just as well since the job wasn’t offered to him. Heck, who would want that job? Turbo Timmy’s leaving some pretty big shoes along with some pretty empty coffers to fill. Whoever’s up next will need some industrial grade equipment to break through the new debt ceiling.

cliff climbing gear1

And since the air gets pretty thin up that high, an oxygen canister might be a good idea too.

cliff climbing-gearBreaking through the ceiling, or falling off the cliff? Strangely, we can’t seem to determine the difference at this height.

Fortunately we’ve found somebody uniquely qualified to “rise” to the challenge: Big White lackey and #1 yes-man, Jack Lew. Kind of predictable. My personal choice for Treasury was George Clooney; not because he’s an economist, butt because I believe he could play one on television quite convincingly, which is what we’re looking for. What do you think?

clooney klugman

And if George grew a beard, he would be the spitting image of Pauly.

George-Clooney.beard jpgWell okay, maybe not.

Also, I hear they both love animals, and that’s an important characteristic for a Treasury Secretary: empathy for those not as smart as you.

              george_clooney_puppy_dog-copykrugman cat

And we know that both George and Pauly are more intelligent than the average low information voter, so I don’t see how we could go wrong with either. Butt you have to admit, George would be a lot more fun to hang with.

clooney-POTUS-Bo too close for comfort

I guess Jack Lew is a good choice too. And if Treasury turns out not to be his thing, he seems to possess all the qualifications for a good press secretary.

FILE - In this Feb. 15, 2011 file photo, Budget Director Jack Lew testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington. Two senior administration officials say the White House chief of staff, William Daley, is resigning. He's being replaced by Jacob Lew. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, File)jay carneyThe Press briefing frown: it’s a talent

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