Thursday, April 4, 2013

Do you get it? Or are you stupid or something?

If you don’t know by now why the Dems are considered the Smug Party, today’s post is for you. Surprisingly it’s not because of Big Guy, although he does make a pretty good case for himself:

bo smirk 2

No. Once again we’ve got the Women of Obama’s Team (WOOT1) to thank for that honor. Behold, Rep. Diana DeGette’s (D-Colo.) smug outdoes even the Great Won:

Screenshot Studio capture #1020

Here’s DeGette, handling a Denver senior citizen’s concern about people breaking into his house:

“There may not be one bad guy that comes into my house… I have to change magazines? I am at a serious disadvantage.”

After smirking at his question, here’s the WOOT’s response:

h/t Gateway Pundit

Let me make this perfectly clear, her response was:

“The good news for you, you live in Denver, the DPD will be there within minutes.” (laughter, which seemed to egg her on to do even more ironic comedy) “You’d probably be dead anyway.”

Not to belabor it, butt I believe that was the gentleman’s point to begin with.

Anywoot, would you be surprised to hear that Diana, who is sponsoring Big Guy’s anti-gun violence bill, knows nothing about guns? No? I didn’t think so.

“It’s extremely alarming that Rep. DeGette is running federal legislation to ban magazine clips, when she doesn’t even know what a magazine clip is,” Colorado GOP spokesman Owen Loftus told the Denver Post. “Rep. DeGette’s comments show that Democrats are more concerned with appeasing their radical base than standing up for responsible, law abiding citizens.”

Why would that surprise anyone? After all, our Queen WOOT, Nancy, famously didn’t know anything about health care either.

Screenshot Studio capture #1021Queen Woot, kissing up to Big Guy, practicing the nose-in-air pose

Nor did she know anything about the bill she passed in order to make Obamacare the law of the land.

nancyp wtfWOOT! Don’t worry, you’ll find out what’s in when we decide what’s in it.

WOOT Diana DeGette is also a charter member of the GDS arm of the party:

images_logo_gds[3]b0ccdcDemocrats: Gotta Do Something

She speaks for the hoards of Libs who just want to ban something to show that they care. To address their concern, as well as that of people on the other side of the aisle, I think I’ve come up with the perfect bipartisan compromise.

How about if we just outlaw these guns?


Then we can all get back to talking about the only “magazine clips” that really matter to anyone around here:

art-streiber-obamaPeople Magazine’s spread on the Wons

guns good guys bad guys

And finally, on a serious note: read this article linked off Doug Ross today in case you’re wondering what the Federal Government is REALLY doing with all that ammunition its been buying. We’re building a stealth para-military: 

“We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.” – Candidate Barack Obama 

bo civilian force copy-WMWhat for, Big Guy?

1 woot:  "w00t" was originally a truncated expression common among players of Dungeons and Dragons tabletop role-playing game for "Wow, loot!" Thus the term passed into the net-culture where it thrived in video game communities and lost its original meaning and is used simply as a term of excitement.

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