Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Not One More Peep About Those Missed Shots (can I say that?)

Sheeze! Lighten up! Everyone is picking on Big Guy for missing 20 of his 22 shots at the shootout (can I say that?) yesterday.

165188323It’s catch and release, BO, release!

Some people even cynically suggested that BO shot all those “bricks” on purpose to draw attention to his new gazillion dollar “infrastructure” project to rebuild Amerika.  “Somebody” doesn’t know Big Guy very well if he thinks that’s even a remote possibility. Everybody knows Big Guy plays to WIN. Remember that unfortunate split lip he got playing b-ball with the boys? That didn’t happen because he was trying to shoot bricks.

fat lip Yeah, well, you should have seen the other guy.

That brick thing reminded me of the movie I watched on Easter though; you may have heard of it: Cecil B. de Mille’s The Ten Commandments? The Pharaoh - now he knew how to use bricks! Check out his infrastructure projects:

ten commandments scene hebrew slaves building rameses city with bricks they made

Of course Ramses didn’t build that on his own; somebody else made that happen. Slaves, as I recall.

hebrew slaves building Rameses city

So even with all those bricks BO won’t be able to get our infrastructure rolling like that because I think we all know Big Guy’s position on slaves.

Although, given the proper incentives, I suppose his position could evolve.


We’ll just redefine “slave” to mean “community service.” God bless you Jacques Derrida! 

Anyway, there were all sorts of other activities at our huge annual Spring Sphere Roll as well. Here’s my 30 second wrap-up:

Thousands of cute kids:



Cute Kid President (on the right):

                   165188379   if bo had a son 

Thousands of cute pictures of MO,


          butt shoteaster island earsmo roll

As well as tons of B-list celebrities and lots of good food:

165185253Broccoli rules!

Butt here’s what I know you’ve been waiting for: my winner in the Peep-orama contest. Here are my finalists:

Screenshot Studio capture #904Peeple of Wall Street


Screenshot Studio capture #882Peepum Style

and the first runner up:

Screenshot Studio capture #888The InaugurPEEPtion

And now, what you’ve been waiting for - the winning entry: MINE!

Normally - since I served as selection committee, jury, and judge - I would have been ineligible. Butt I’ve learned a thing or two by serving under the WONs for these past 4 years. I changed the rules. Behold your winner:

2013 inag-peeps copy

Oh sure, I “borrowed” the concept butt I think my execution is unique enough to qualify as original. And if you don’t agree you can always appeal the ruling to the Peeps court (that would be me too).

We’re ready for our close up, Mr. de Mille:

BO-MO copyAll Hail, the Peeples Presidente!


                         tumblr_m3hlbd83nE1qjv3x8o1_500barry pharoah-WM

So let it be written, so let it be done!

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