Saturday, April 6, 2013

Mid-fight in the Organic Garden of Good and Evil

What a week! Big Guy was in San Fran, acting all heterosexual over the hot California AG: which was great because it gave the Legacy Media something to cluck-cluck over, so as not to have to talk about the 90 million people who Big Guy has “disappeared” from the workforce since he took office. Nor will they have to note that the “official” unemployment rate of 7.6% includes another 11.7 million people also out of work.

That’s over 100 million of us not working! That’s, like, nearly one third of our population!!! No wonder Lady M is teaching the children how to plant a garden:

“Raise your hand, or scream, or something like that. Like woo hoo!”

They’re going to need to know how to grow their own food.

survival seed bank 1

Needless to say if this was happening under George W. Bush – or any R-word for that matter – I doubt we’d be talking about that great looking attorney general.

Butt hey! It isn’t any R-word, so let’s get on to Lady M’s day, shall we? She began the morning with her exclusive single mom interview with the CBS Burlington, VT affiliate. Here we are in  the Organic Garden of Good and Evil, bemoaning our fate as a fashion icon and busy single mom:


And here we are, just a few minutes later, entertaining the kids with tales of broccoli and spinach.

165538509It may be time for a little more, uh, lifting and separating

Compare and contrast:

    165538671Democratic Convention

Who do you think is the “best looking”?

Me, I’m going with the earth mother, because my job depends on it, butt you can pick whoever.


Butt getting back to the story of the week; I thought I recognized that Californian object of Big Guy’s false praise:

Attorney General Kamala Harris prepares to talk before a cancelled hearing to push forward a package of bills to overhaul the mortgage industry, including measures that would extend to all companies the rules Harris won in a high-profile court settlement earlier this year.

Sure enough! By scanning my facial recognition program I’ve identified her as the groupie that met Big Guy on the tarmac during one of his San Fran campaign swings last year:

barack-obama-kamala-harris-gavin-newsomThe Narcissist in Chief peers into the deep pools of the Narcissist in waiting

Yes, that certainly is the look of unbridled admiration; on Kamela’s face I mean. Now I see why many Californians refer to Kammy as the “female Obama” (it’s a compliment, at least to Big Guy). Indeed, on examination it appears she may well be – a female Obama I mean. No wonder BO considers her the “best looking” AG anywhere.

For the record: the little woman is still a little unhappy with Big Guy’s slobbering over Kammy’s pulchritude. My suggestion: stay out of the Organic Garden of Good and Evil for awhile.

mo shovel jelloBusy single mom is shovel ready; you’ve been warned Big Guy

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