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If I Only Had A Brain: I’d know more about history, economics and guns.

Yesterday was filled with big doin’s around here. MO did a movie review while, down the hall, BO addressed the importance of having a brain.

Lady M, as part of her continuing series of culturally sensitive movie reviews, held a film workshop on the movie “42.”


“42” is a biopic about Jackie Robinson, the baseball player who broke the Major League’s color barrier in 1947 (he also was a successful business man after his baseball career butt he didn’t do that on his own).

Jackie’s wife, Rachael Robinson, was in attendance along with the film’s stars Harrison Ford, and other members of the cast and crew.

harrison ford old queen

Lady M gave the movie her personal endorsement:

"I can say with all sincerity that it was truly powerful for us. We walked away from that just visibly, physically moved by the experience of the movie, of the story."

You see, after watching the movie Lady M discovered that – as bad as she thought America was when she was growing up – it was even worse back in the 1940’s when Jackie and Rachael Robinson were young. This sort of “discovery” is a common occurrence for people, like MO, who actually believe history began the day they were born. Despite her excellent, ivy league education, it took a movie to educate her on what real racial prejudice looks like because it occurred pre-MLR (Michelle LaVaughn Robinson). 

Lady M went on to say that both she and BO (another charter member of the “history began the day I was born” club) were left wondering:

"how on Earth did (the Robinsons) live through that. How did they do it? How did they endure the taunts and the bigotry for all of that time?"

It turns out the answer is they did it with grace and dignity. What a concept! And they didn’t even have ivy league educations!

It would have been easy for them to get mad, because I know I was mad just watching the movie.[ed. hard to believe] It would have been easy for them to get mad or to give up. But instead, they made hate -- they met hatred with decency. I want you all to keep that in mind -- they met hatred with decency. And, more importantly, they gave their absolute very best every single day -- do you hear -- they gave their best every single day.

the robinson'sJackie and Rachael Robinson, bringing their best.

Mo come hither look, not at BOMO and BO: Bring it! Your best, I mean.

It was clear the movie really resonated with Lady M’s empathy region; she could really relate to what the ever classy 90 year old Mrs. Robinson (no relation, apparently) had to endure.

rachael robinson jackie's wife

Butt apparently she was even more impressed with Hans Solo:

“Harrison Ford. So you think you trip because I’m here? I’m tripping out because he’s here.”

Seriously? “Tripping” for a 70 year old dude who thinks it’s cool to wear a stud in his ear? Okay. Whatever.


Oh well, she handled her role of “making you little people all feel really welcome to my home” routine with her usual aplomb (see for yourself, if you have about an hour. Butt I’m betting you don’t get past the first 30 seconds of high-toned ivy league speechifying)

Meanwhile, down the hall, the Brainiac was announcing another new Presidential initiative: brain mapping. I understand BO has turned it into a Great Race challenge. See who can finish first: the brain mappers or the team tasked with pulling the Obamacare flowchart together!



First draft

I guess the idea is to get a bunch of eggheads together to solve all known brain problems and diseases…just like we did with the economy.

Obama said he brought together a lot of smart people, which would help grow the eocnomy (sic). “Today I’ve invited some of the smartest people in the country, some of the most imaginative and effective researchers in the country — some very smart people to talk about the challenge that I issued in my State of the Union address: to grow our economy, to create new jobs, to reignite a rising, thriving middle class by investing in one of our core strengths, and that’s American innovation,” said Obama.

Ideas are what power our economy. It’s what sets us apart. It’s what America has been all about. We have been a nation of dreamers and risk-takers; people who see what nobody else sees sooner than anybody else sees it. We do innovation better than anybody else — and that makes our economy stronger. When we invest in the best ideas before anybody else does, our businesses and our workers can make the best products and deliver the best services before anybody else.”

I’m confused: is this about the human brain or the economy? Because surely they have nothing in common.

Anyway, be sure to join us later today when Big Guy will be in Denver pushing another one of his State of the Union agendas: “anti-gun violence.”

scarecrow with a gunIf I only had a brain! I’d know what to do with this thing.

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