Monday, April 1, 2013

Our MO Makes Plans to MOOve on Up. Peeps Approve.

Lady M is in the headlines again today: enough of the fashion icon, entertainer, (“The Evolution of Mom Dancing”) cover girl. Lady M is getting serious. Rumors abound that she is getting pressure to run for the Senate in 2016. Butt trust me, Senate? I don’t think so. She’s way more serious than that: there’s going to be an opening in the Big White that year, if I’m not mistaken.

So maybe that’s why we decided to go to church as a family yesterday, once the Wee Wons returned to the nest after completing their Spring Break East and Spring Break West.


And possibly that explains our frugal choice of recycled Prabal Gurung (first seen here with little Jason Woo as Lady M reluctantly turns her infamous Historic First Inaugural gown over to the curators at the Smithsonian):

butt shot

Butt we’ve never seen the lovely matching coat until yesterday!

mo prabal backside

Even with the lovely coat it still looks like something left over from the Gulf Spill Review (which, as you’ll recall, caused Big Guy to loose sleep, butt not a single round of golf. Butt I digress.) If you want to know whether Lady M is “getting serious” in her second historic term as FLOTUS, check out the shoes: MATCHING! If that doesn’t practically scream “serious lady considering a run for the presidency” well, I’m not your MOTUS.

So all I can say, is keep your peepers open for further signs as the years drone on.

And speaking of peepers, today is the big Spring Sphere Roll for MO’s  little peeps:

peepius maximus

No wait, that looks like a reenactment of the old “Gladius Maximus”  Lions vs. Christians games.

MO’s little peeps look more like this:

mo's peepsLike the circus it is, it get’s in your blood.

Anyway, I’ve got to run: there’s a lot of prep work involved in hosting 35,000 guests for a day of fun, games and healthy food. This year’s celebrity chefs include Food Network stars Anne Burrell and Ina Garten so I’ve got to go direct the delivery of all that low fat butter and healthy prosciutto.

You do know why Lady M invited Anne and Ina, right? No, not because their butts make hers look small – although that’s definitely a plus.

anne burrell iron chefina

Nor is it their healthy food, although that’s a plus too:

        ina's desserts

or even their hair style preferences, spikes and bangs, both of which MO has tried:

             anne-burrellhairina-garten bangs-7


It’s really because they’ve both served as beards too. Don’t tell anybody though, it’s an open secret.


Anne and Ted and Jeffrey and Ina: part of Food TV’s diversity programming

Well, now I’ve really got to run; I see things have already gotten underway and I’m in charge of judging the Peep-o-Rama contest this year. Here are my two finalists:

Screenshot Studio capture #889Peepton Abbey

Screenshot Studio capture #879Zero Peep 30

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