Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Waters Parted, the Cap was Seated, and Behold - the Damn Hole was Plugged. Alleluia!

Big Guy may be able to walk on water, but Lady M has the power to plug the damn hole! Which do you think is more special?

Yes, it’s true. Lady M went to the Gulf and stopped the damn leak. And what a relief – it was getting embarrassing having all those tar babies scattered along the beach. Oh sure, they’re still verifying pressure and all, and they’ll still have to capture the oil on  surface ships, but for all intents and political purposes, it’s been plugged.


Lady M told the huge crowd that “This is the worst environmental disaster that our nation has seen”  - aside from Republicans.

“We’re doing our best, the administration, to make things right, to get that thing capped, to clean it up, and to look at the long-term ramifications and view this as an opportunity to really build and preserve and make the Gulf the prize of this country that it has been and should continue to be,” 

Heh, “the prize of this country.”  We all know there’s only one “prize of this country,” and you’re lookin’ at half of it.

Meanwhile, Big Guy read in the paper that he could essentially bypass the court’s decision that his Gulf oil drilling moratorium was illegal by issuing a NEW moratorium – so he did! His presidential powers are even greater than he initially thought. So if there was any doubt before, I think these latest events confirm that BO and MO are the greatest. Power Couple. Ever.

No word yet on how many jobs the latest moratorium created or saved.

Other highlights of our Empathy Gulf Tour:

barefoot on the beach The obligatory barefoot walk along the beach, after all the tar-babies were removed.

full-out empathy with touching The obligatory laying on of hand(s). One hand was previously disposed.

bill dozier looks to have heat stroke orThe obligatory “dessert is not a right” ice cream cup. County Supervisor Bill Dozier looks to be entranced by Lady M’s visit. Either that, or heat stroke. 

chocolate, of course

empathy at last sometimes we don't even look like ourselves

On the left, the obligatory empathy. On the right, the – well, I guess I don’t know what that is. I’m not even sure that it’s MO.

And just a follow-up note from the NAACP Conference: today they’re expected to pass a resolution of sorts condemning the Tea Party as a racist organization due to all the jack-booted members wearing paramilitary uniforms, carrying billy clubs, and threatening to kill babies.


No word on when they will pursue the same measure against the New Black Panther Party.


The New Black Panthers: The New Religion of Peace