Saturday, July 17, 2010

Does That (fill-in-the-blank) Make my Butt Look Small?

Thanks to all my MOL’s MOD’s and FOM’s: you’ve all done a yeoman’s job snarking keeping America informed about the comings and going’s of the O’s and little o’s (great work with the pics, GrannyJ). And thanks for all the good wishes you sent for little Celia. She looked absolutely radiant at the rehearsal. I know they say that all brides are beautiful, but Celia’s beauty is literally magnified.

Here’s all I’ve got for you from Raj’s remote setup: it’s both an exposition and a competition. First, the exposition: please enjoy last year’s retrospective panoramic view, then enjoy this year’s contender for butt minimizing.  Which one do you think provides the better narrative?

And now for the competition: caption contest!   You can caption either or both. My entries are below and I apologize for the repetition. You’ve no idea how sorry I am.

Last year’s butt diminishing shot:

grand canyon butt shot_thumb[2]Does the Grand Canyon make my butt look small?

This year’s butt diminishing shot:

Butt does it make my butt look smallSuggested caption: Does that island make my butt look small? The big one I mean.

My hard drive’s a bit woozy, so I better shut down to conserve energy for the big event. I’m in charge of flowers tomorrow, but it won’t really be much work. In fact, I don’t even have to reflect them – they’re real! And pretty all on their own!  I really should do more weddings.

Thanks again, snark squad. Wish you were all here.