Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Honeymoon Begins, A Honeymoon Ends

What a wedding! Celia looked stellar, of course. She’s from the “light gatherer” arm of the family so I wasn’t sure if it was going to be a Jewish wedding or a Christian one. As it turns out, it was a big Catholic Wedding.  I was relieved, because Jewish weddings always make me nervous. Not that I have anything against Jews, or Jewish weddings which are always tons of fun,

Breaking The Glass

but that tradition they have -where the groom steps on the glass and breaks the stem – well, let’s just say that the sound of shattering glass is always cause for alarm in my family.

Anyway, since Celia is a light gatherer, she was able to beam my brother Hub’s likeness right into the wedding reception to personally thank him for his very special wedding gift: a lunar eclipse early Saturday morning out over Easter Island!


But alas, all good things must come to an end. So late last night, after all the festivities, Little Air Force Won-Jr. flew in from Maine with little Bo in tow to pick me up at the Grand Rapids airport.  I know a lot of you were wondering why Bo got his own jet (along with Reggie) to fly to and from Bar Harbor. I don’t know why Reggie is in the dog house, but with Bo it’s because of those Bo-nuts he likes to leave on Air Force Won. So we had to get him his own official Air Force Jet. The Republicans, who are a lot more concerned with fiscal responsibility than the Democrats, would have just leased him a NetJet. But this works out much better. Now that he has his own jet, little Bo always leaves his Bo-nuts on the tarmac before boarding. It’s really not that hard to train the O’s. Little Bo learned that from Fancy Nancy.

 bar harbor

 Scenic view of lighthouse on Big BAss Bay

I can’t tell you how great this weekend’s been. It was nice to see the whole family again, and it was my first real vacation in over a year from reflecting on Lady M’s fashion forward profile and all of the comings and goings at the Big White. Like Newsbird, who recently celebrated her first anniversary of moving to Wordpress from the Communist News Network, July marks my official first anniversary of blogging on the world-wide InterWeb. Congratulations Birdie! Isn’t it good to spread your wings and fly away?

After I recuperate from all the festivities, I plan to post a special ‘happy anniversary’ to myself: you know, just so we have my small role in this most historic presidency captured for the National Archives and the eventual establishment of the Barack Hussein Obama International Library, expected to be located in Mecca. That’s Mecca, Hawaii; Big Guy’s alleged birth state.

The O’s will be back at the Big White any minute now, refreshed and ready to continue doing all the hard work of transforming the country through their ongoing sacrificing and tireless Organizing For America efforts.

Here are a couple of shots from the O’s idyllic island get-away that I managed to download from Raj’s remote transmitters once we cleared air space over Grand Rapids. Since I wasn’t there, I’m not sure what to make of them.

sniff test Apparently part of National Park security precautions now  include a Sniff test

clam diggers

Yeah! Clamdiggers are back in style!

flashlightI’ll bet this flashlight will make my butt look small

So little Celia is off on her magical honeymoon, and it looks like Big Guy’s might finally be winding down. I guess eventually the magic  stops; we return to terra firma and start dealing with reality. Don’t we?

H/T on little Bo’s private jet:  Fausta