Saturday, July 24, 2010

Summer of Splotches

Do you see why we need our own Air Force Won 2? After getting hosed at the Dom Perignon celebration at the shipyards:

hosedToweling off after getting hosed

We had to shower and change into something fresh for our attendance at Sasha’s recital at the Episcopalian Cathedral here in D.C. last night.

Because of our incredibly busy day, we had to pack a little snack to bring along.

mo cooler Lady M in her Rorschach test dress with soft side snack pack. Contents are classified.

Ikram got a special deal on all the spotted-motif duds this season, which weren’t as popular as everyone predicted after the tar balls started washing ashore everywhere.

hokey pokey-First lady Michelle Obama is escorted off the ceremonial plank by Northrop Grumman President Mike Petters[4]

Anyway, after spending a day in our pointy toed instruments of torture (created by the Bush administration) we changed into our comfy metallic flats to complete the  Summer of Splotches look for the recital.


Just so you can all plan ahead, let me give you a head’s up on our next big month. First, Big Guy’s Birthday party is coming up on Aug 4: he’s going to be 49! Seriously who would’ve guessed, based on his youthful naiveté? But don’t plan on attending unless you’ve got a spare $30,000 laying around. That’s right, and that’s before the birthday present, which I understand will cost another $100k per person. I guess we need a little more cash now that some of our Wall Street contributors are begging off and a lot of the people who paid to elect Big Guy in ‘08 are gun shy about getting their name on some list that the MSM is no longer able to suppress from the public eye.

But I digress. Then we have our final pre-vacation vacation on the Florida coast the weekend of August 14th. This is just ahead of our  real vacation which will be, as I told you, at some snobby, elite East Coast enclave where we can focus on lobster drenched in butter instead of pelicans drenched in oil.

I sure hope Big Guy get’s that damn hole plugged for good before then. We all need some rest from our vacations.