Monday, July 19, 2010

A Broadway Celebration of the O’s

It’s a good thing we had a vacation, because this is shaping up as a very busy week. But first, some pictures of our return. Here’s little Bo arriving with other “staff” – that would be Reggie and me on Air Force Won Jr.

little Bo returns with staffLittle Bo, prancing across the tarmac after our flight from Maine via Grand Rapids 

Here are some shots of the returning happy family. Wait, I’m sure I can find a happy picture. Well, maybe not. I guess they all wanted to stay in Bar Harbor a bit longer.

return of the happy family

Here’s an upbeat note though: In a show of solidarity with the American people Lady M recycled her Maison Martin Margelia shoes from last summer! It’s our nod to the country’s deep and unremitting  Bush’s recession. And the tar baby blotched dress is our nod to BP’s ongoing oil leak.

return of the nativesmaison martin margiela_thumb[2] 

Same designer shoes: Bar Harbor, 2010, Martha’s Vineyard, 2009: that’s good value

  return2Not happy yetreturnStill not happy 

Butt we must move on.

Today we’re continuing the Big White’s tremendously popular music series. It’s all about celebrating the arts, and the importance of arts education - because we’ve already got too many engineers, scientists and accountants in this country who insist on asking pesky questions about things. Anyway, dancers from the Duke Ellington School of Arts (where we took Sveltlana to enjoy American dance steps) and the Joy of Motion Dance Center (honest! that’s its real name) are coming to the Big White for an educational workshop in which they’ll rehearse a segment from the big Broadway show Hairspray – a preachy play set in the 1960’s about how America mistreated blacks (that’s what we called African-Americans then) and fat people: two of Lady M’s main interests.

 Hairspray Broadway Broadway cast of Hairspray

Then tonight, both Big Guy and Lady M will be entertained by real Broadway performers for a night of musical magic called "A Broadway Celebration: In Performance at the White House."

In other Broadway news – and this is huge – Andrew Loyd Webber is teaming up with Tim Rice for the first time in 34 years to do a Broadway musical about Big Guy’s presidency! That’s right, they’re  doing the Broadway re-make of the Wizard of Oz! And these two musical giants are uniquely qualified for the assignment: their other joint creations include Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Jesus Christ Superstar and Evita. Need I say more?

Also coming up today, Big Guy will be not resting (because it looks like Daddy didn’t plug the damn leak after all) as he meets and greets the WNBA Champion Phoenix Mercury at the White House to honor the team's 2009 championship season. Lady M can’t attend with him, because one of us must boycott Arizona due to their racist immigration law – which we’re going to have Ricky just deem illegal if we can’t get the court to throw it out on its racist face.