Friday, June 25, 2010

What a Difference a Year Makes

They say as couples get older they start to look like each other. I’m not saying that the O’s are old, I’m just saying it’s uncanny how much they already look and act alike. By the time they’re really old, in a few years, they’ll look like triplets. Fortunately we had some great photo-ops today for both Lady M with Svetlana (don’t they have any other female names in the former Soviet Union?) and Big Guy with Dmitry. I think you’ll see what I mean.

You’ll recognize this first great photo op right away: Sveltlana Medvedeva and Lady M at the Duke Ellington school talent show:

Svetlana medvedeva

It’s the negative of this one taken in France last year:

  mo and carla evil eye

This year Big Guy joined in the fun too.can you hear me now

This next one’s just a fashion observation from your faithful and humble refraction device: This concept doesn’t work any better in the long version than it did in the short.

ribbons ruffles and lace acarrie mess

And the passage of a year’s time isn’t adequate to make random ribbon, ruffles and lace any more fashion forward than it was the first time around in Britain, when it was worn with a London taxi cab belt. But I admire MO’s recycling efforts.

But back to the O’s: here we are high-fiving the crowd. Svetlana really got into the spirit of it – silly girl , she thought the crowd was waving at her too.

guns hi guys

Unfortunately, our little “vacation” didn’t last long enough to take proper care of our guns: maybe we should consider giving up the sleeveless look until we have a little more time to spend in the gym. I think the lipo-sucker missed a spot or two on this round.


And both of the O’s seemed to enjoy their new little Russian friends. It just looks like they’re condescending, they’re really just towering.

  here's my little doll 

this way little man2

And here’s one last great photo-op: Big Guy taking Dmitry to Ray’s Hell Burgers for lunch. Great idea. Let’s show Dmitry how the little people live in the previously great nation of America.

why presidents don't eat in public But here’s where the O’s part company. At least Lady M knows why protocol dictates Presidents and First Ladies don’t eat in public.

why presidents don't eat in public

Nobody, not even the most awesome president in the history of the republic, looks cool with cheese and onions hanging out of their mouth.