Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sacrificing For the Fans

Well, Big Guy finally found someone’s ass to kick. So while he was busy firing General McChrystal, Lady M emerged from her chrysalis to be admired by all. Although I’d have to question the venue: Justice? Rather an odd arena for her post-Hollywood debut, but  apparently she knows her fan base fairly well:

fanclub   Lady M and her fan club at Justice

Odder still was the reason for her presence: she went to thank them for, well, for doing their jobs.  MO officially visited the Justice Department to thank employees for their work in the aftermath of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, but she warned them that their long hours are not going to be ending soon.

"These are going to be tough times and we are going to need every one of you to buckle up and work even harder,"

“Buckle up?” Outside of government work, people tend to buckle down, not up when they get to work. So what are we talking about here? Under normal circumstances do the Justice workers cruise porn sites like their friends at the SEC?

buckleup, baby

“Please God, don’t let Lady M wear bondage boots. I have my limits. I promise not to reflect any baby bumps for at least a year.”

But there’s more from our social butterfly:

“Many folks here in this agency are working tirelessly to ensure that accountability is going on, that we are protecting taxpayers dollars and that we are helping those affected by the oil spill to get back to their feet, and people need to know that the Department of Justice is at the center of that work,"

Ensure that accountability is going on? – that’s a good one. These are government employees, for cripes sake, they can’t even use the phrase in a sentence. Thank goodness we didn’t get into any of the really dicey stuff, like the oil drilling moratorium, Arizona's immigration law, and plans for the Guantanamo detainees (NIMBY). The accountability for those rests solely with Big Guy, unless things go south, in which case it bounces right back to the small people at Justice. Which maybe explains why Lady M was thanking them – in advance – for taking the fall later.

Then we headed over to the Columbia Heights Education Campus Bell Multicultural High School (whew! Whatever happened to names like Central High School?). We were there to celebrate all the wonderful things the Physical Fitness Council has done for America since it’s inception in 1954 by President Eisenhower. Just think how fat and lazy Americans would be if we hadn’t spent gazillions of taxpayer dollars over the past 56 years to run public service announcements to tell us not to eat too so much ice cream and to move our fat behinds? It’s absolutely mind numbing.

fat OWould this man have ever been elected? 

But I digress. All I really wanted to point out was that Lady M was over there with the Physical Fitness Council launching the new and improved (and therefore more expensive) President's Council on Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition, bravely sacrificing once again for the American people. The doctor told her no physical activity for at least two weeks.

skippy Working through the pain