Sunday, June 20, 2010

Riddle Me This: Is the Hole Plugged Yet?

Crew-aboard-the-yacht-bel-006Tony Hayward and the yacht crew

Yesterday Tony went sailing and Rhambo went sniping, telling ABC’s Jake Tapper: 

“Well, to quote Tony Hayward, he’s got his life back, as he would say. And I think we can all conclude that Tony Hayward is not going to have a second career in PR consulting. This has just been part of a long line of PR gaffes and mistakes.”

He took no questions regarding how Big Guy continues not to rest at baseball games and on gulf courses. But then, Hayward is the goose and Big Guy’s the gander.

obama_golf_1230 It’s in the hole! Mission accomplished!

Riddle me This:

What's the difference between an out of touch elitist CEO and an out of touch elitist President? You may ignore the fact that one of them is a private citizen, not elected to represent the interests of the American public.


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I’m sure everything will be just fine. After all, Raj is in charge.

The conversion will prevent me from posting any more Big White updates today, but I will advise you just as soon as the system is installed and functioning so you can give it a test drive. I hope it doesn’t give me a double migraine. Or you. Keep your fingers crossed.

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