Tuesday, June 22, 2010

MOTUS Echo System Update: 1

Raj sent me an email detailing issues he has been resolving since my big “CHANGE”. I’m just going to copy-paste it here for you to see. Also, I have moved this tutorial over there in my sidebar down by the link to Raj’s blog.(NOTE TO GERARD: YOU CAN SKIP THIS!)

Hello MOTUS:

Since the implementation of the new Echo commenting system on your blog, a few issues have come to my attention, some of which were not encountered in pre-implementation testing.

I humbly report to you that all have been successfully resolved.

  1. Reply Comment Background Colors remain the default “light grey”, rather than the Fashion Forward colors chosen by MOTUS: STATUS=RESOLVED
  2. “Like-Reply” font colors remain the default “light grey” rather than the Fashion Forward colors chosen by MOTUS and are hard to read: STATUS=RESOLVED
  3. Cinderella reports Emoticon and YouTube embed functions are inoperable: STATUS RESOLVED: My investigation identified an inoperability of the Emoticon and YouTube embed function when employing the popular Firefox browser. This was reported to Echo Technical Support, and is now reported RESOLVED. I have confirmed this with my own Firefox browser.
  4. bettyann reports a heavy heart over new sorting of Comments where “Newest” comments are listed first: STATUS RESOLVED: Newest comment first is required when “Live Commenting” is enabled. MOTUS’ original, and favorite sorting of “Oldest comments first” has been restored by disabling “Live Commenting”. This does change slightly the behavior of the Echo commenting system. The “Comment Entry Form” will disappear from a MOL, MOD or FOM’s screen after a comment is entered. It will return and allow further commenting by “Refreshing” or “Reloading” the page. Finally, new comments posted by others will not appear on a MOL, MOD or FOM’s screen until the page is “Refreshed” or “Reloaded”. This performance is as before with Blogger comment system and so should be familiar to all.

Please continue to advise me via Email through the ether, or on my humble blog, of any difficulties or sad heart you may experience using the new Echo comment system.

I am pleased to provide prompt, reliable technical support. You will receive a “Customer Satisfaction Survey” in your email from Big Guy. I would humbly request that you provide a response.


 indian-curry-dishes-thumb8063483P.S. Thank you for the new supply of my favorite curry. I will be sharing it with Little Mo, who has shown great enthusiasm for my native food. mole