Wednesday, June 23, 2010

James Cameron Couldn’t Plug The Damn Hole, Butt He Does Know How To Do Special Effects

Ok, I’m going to put these up quickly because I think I can slip them past the Big White picture censor while everyone’s focused on Big Guy’s brave firing of our General. I think they will give you a few clues as to what has or has not been going on. I’ll be back with any non-classified information I can release soon.

4 3

See, I can do physical activity. No surgical staples here. Oooooow! That hurts.


Superglue for the wig was the right choice


Skipping rope is easier if you can levitate!


That’s the “Look” we know and love! Both of them.


The “Scarf Whisperer” at work


Come back, don’t be afraid.


I’ve never seen a “cleavage” like that; is it paint?


“It is my privilege, to introduce First Lady Michelle Obooba”

misplaced falsie and cleavage liner

Woops! Alarm! Alarm! Alarm! Special Effects Failure!!!