Monday, June 21, 2010

Swan Lake Song

Lady M is not - repeat NOT - in the mood to be messed with. And those pain meds that mellow out lesser humans, like Big Guy, don’t seem to effect her at all. So when the scoop about Toes cutting out of town before the end of Big Guy’s reign, she nearly popped her surgical stitches (butt you didn’t hear anything from me).

burger bump The pre-vacation burger bump

Believe me, no one knows how badly Big Guy needs Toes and his steel balls like Lady M does. 

I shouldn’t be telling you this, but I know for a fact Toes is leaving. In fact, he can’t wait to pack his toothbrush. Normally this would be a marriage made in heaven: all Toes wants to do is bust heads and kick butt, and all Big Guy wants to do is talk about busting heads and kicking butt. At least it’s just like MO and BO’s marriage. Butt I guess there’s only room for one ass-kicking partner in this triad and – unbelievably - it’s not Big Guy!

So what I hear is Rhambo will be leaving after the midterms. Someone has to be the fall guy, so it might as well be the guy who tried to get Big Guy to compromise on his legacy Obamacare bill.  Besides,Toes is starting to push on the wrong side of the Israel-Palestine issue.

The Three Stooges: which one do you think has a functioning brain?

It’s definitely not going to be Wile E. Coyote:


Or Baghdad Bob:

robert gibbs baghdad bob

Besides, out of the three stooges, Rahmbo has the most diverse skill set. That might help him land another job in this tough economy:

RAHM BALLET Rhambo in his ballerina days, where he earned the moniker “Toes”

Plus, during deep, extended recessions, audiences love a good musical. Watch for the upcoming made-for-TV movie of Rahm’s life starring Ron Reagan Jr. Working title: “The Nutcracker”