Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ball Park Wieners and Other Design Giants

The Baltimore gig was great. The Baltimore Oreos have a lot of hunky baseball players. Everybody reported that Lady M was going to throw the first pitch, butt in reality she let the kids from the Boys and Girls Club share that honor. She just did what she does best: coached. Besides, it wouldn’t have gone over very well back at the Big White if MO showed Big Guy up, with that sissy pitch of his. Best not to compare (especially with the new polls out showing Lady M is much more popular now than Big Guy: ouch! Not a good result in such a competitive home.)

We did change clothes between the “Let’s Move those Fat Behinds” photo ops and the photo op with the Baltimore Oreo’s mascot.  I’ve no idea why he’s dressed up like a bird, but he does make us appear petite.

first-lady-michelle-obama-attends-baseball-game-baltimore Lady M with boys and girls club props who actually threw out the ceremonial first pitch

Since we were in Baltimore anyway, we swung by Duff’s Charm City Cakes to pick up a little snack. Their cakes are awesome! Here’s the one we settled on:

purple sneaker cake Ace of Cakes Purple Sneaker Cake: reminded Lady M of her favorite purple Converses. See?

 mo's prl converse_thumb[1]

Seriously, how can you not love a guy who makes cakes with power tools? And knows the guy who drives the wiener-mobile. Although we try to keep the wiener wagon away from the Big White.

duff-big-bun-crew Duff in front of Charm City Cakes with the Oscar Mayer wiener wagon

Then yesterday was one of Lady M’s favorite events of the whole year: the luncheon for the National Design Award winners.

Mrs. Obama got a big laugh when she told the luncheon guests: "All of you have spent your lives pushing boundaries — we know a little bit about pushing boundaries — or just outright ignoring them altogether."

Boundaries, conventions, laws, the Constitution: they’re just guidelines really.


And she got a special kick out of being seated for lunch next to Tim Gunn from "Project Runway."

"How cool!" she declared.

Much cooler than having lunch with boring political figures like Bibi Netanyahu. Or the Dali Lama. They didn’t even get coffee. But Tim Gunn – he’s so cool! And, uh, all about fashion.

Compared to last year’s exciting luncheon though, this one was pretty tame.

national fashion awardsWe wore Pepto pink: top with ruffly things dangling from the hem and matching slacks. With a very special design thingy on our lapel. And we’re practicing with a new hair design that’s also boundary pushing: sort of  a deconstructed burka.






Before the luncheon, Lady M had all the award winners meet with 400 squealing teenagers for a “Teen Design Fair," where the young people could find out how the design superstars got their start.

"Far too few young people in this country have access to programs and opportunities like the one we did today," she said.

And it’s important to teach children how to become superstars - because we’ve already got too many engineers, scientists and accountants in this country who insist on asking pesky questions about things.

It was nice having the kids here and all, but you know what might be even nicer? An all-adult event around here for a change. But with Lady M being all about the children and their fat behinds and Big Guy being all about Democratic Congressional leaders and their fat entitlements, that’s probably not going to happen any time soon.