Sunday, March 31, 2019

Earth Hour - ‘Better To Light a Single Candle’ Version

The Earth Hour gesture calls for greater awareness and more sparing use of resources, especially fossil fuels that produce carbon gasses and lead to global warming. – WaPo

Last night at 8:30 local time cities around the world marked “Earth Hour” – a global scale virtue signal gesture – by turning off the lights in a call for global action on climate change.

Individuals, businesses and cities in 188 countries and territories worldwide joined Earth Hour 2019 to speak up for nature and inspire urgent action for the environment. As Earth Hour rolled around the globe, thousands of landmarks switched off their lights in solidarity for our planet…Individuals pledged their support for the planet, challenging world leaders to push the preservation of nature up the global

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Unfortunately not every country around the globe participated

Pyongyang, North Korea,

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and Caracas, Venezuela, being well ahead of the curve, had already extinguished most of their lights.

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While the Cuban people have been accustomed to toiling in the dark for half a century now.

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I must admit, it’s a fun way to celebrate the last Saturday in March each year but I doubt that the natives would be keen on extending it to any additional areas or extending it for any significant length of time as it would quickly become far too inconvenient to their daily lives. If you don’t believe me, ask the citizens of Democratic-Socialistic Venezuela: Venezuela returns to 'Middle Ages' during power outages.

Walking for hours, making oil lamps, bearing water. For Venezuelans today, suffering under a new nationwide blackout that has lasted days, it's like being thrown back to life centuries ago.

El Avila, a mountain that towers over Caracas, has become a place where families gather with buckets and jugs to fill up with water, wash dishes and scrub clothes. The taps in their homes are dry from lack of electricity to the city's water pumps.

So turn off all the lights you wish to mark your membership in the New World Order tribe but remember: while you are free to muck about the rocky shoals in the dark, your darkness ends where my light begins.

Split Rock Lighthouse

“Better to light a single candle than curse the darkness.”