Wednesday, April 3, 2019

You’ve Come A Long Way Baby

In an age where we are all so ‘woke’

I thought it would nice from time to time to pay respects to the mid-twentieth century movement that made all this  possible: Feminism.

The feminist movement chose an internationally recognized symbol

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long associated with oppression

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to express their ideology and objectives. The world largely ignored this obvious affiliation with a movement that was otherwise shunned by Western countries at the time, leaving feminism to continue its march towards “equality.”

How did the feminist movement do in the intervening half century? I leave you to decide for yourself, based on contemporaneous facts and reports from the field. For the first installment in what is sure to become a recurring feature I offer the following for consideration:

In the 70's feminists told women they could be anything they wanted to be. Eventually men demanded the same rights and what some of them wanted was to be women.

Image result for transgender women in sportsTransgender woman Rachel McKinnon, center – as if I have to explain, celebrates her first-place finish at UCI Masters Track Cycling World Championship in Los Angeles

Another historic achievement for equality. Congratulations, you’ve come a long way, baby!