Thursday, April 4, 2019

Governing By Democratic Fiat

I solved the Republican’s AND the Democrat’s most pressing national issues in my sleep last night. I must have been visited by both Athena and Minerva, the Greek and Roman goddesses of wisdom, while I slumbered as I woke with the resolution to the prickliest problems of the day.

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Allow me to insert here my preemptory mea culpa for citing exclusively Western civilization/Euro-centric goddesses as the source of my received knowledge. I hereby recognize my white privilege in doing so and promise to reference the African deities of wisdom next time I enjoy a dream of enlightenment.

Now, on to the problems. Regarding the Border Crisis:

In that we are currently overwhelmed by the influx of peoples from Central America and beyond, all mysteriously seeking asylum in the U.S., and since our current immigration law requires us to take them in while investigating and processing their claims, I suggest we simply stop accepting them. Period. We’ve been overwhelmed, there are no more shelters, no resources to vet them, so we have been reduced to the infamous “catch and release” program made famous by previous administrations. I’m not sure what Democrats would consider a “border crisis” if this isn’t it, but my solution is to simply stop letting them in and send them back from whence they came. Permitting this Cloward-Piven strategy to play out is insane.

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When Democrats are in charge they get to pick and choose which of our immigration laws they wish to enforce so we should do the same. And we choose not to enforce the rules and procedures for asylum seekers.

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The Democrats’ most pressing concerns these days is getting the full, unredacted Mueller Report released so they can get back to the work of taking down this President. They’ve voted to subpoena it. Again my solution is to simply ignore the subpoena. That’s what Democrats would do.

Likewise with respect to the Dems second most important national issue, the release of 6 years of President Trump’s tax returns: again, Democratic precedence, just ignore them.

If anyone still doubts that there is a treasonous cabal actively at work to take down this duly elected president they are nutz. The organized border invasion along with the Russia collusion harassment and now the demand for the President’s tax returns are all maneuvers orchestrated by the long arm of the Deep State. They are illegitimate. I say ignore them. Just build the damn wall.

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Yes, it’s the same campaign slogan as 2016. To borrow a (profane) phrase from old feminists protesting the President: (pardon the language)

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ETA:  If you missed Thomas Lifson’s excellent article earlier this week you will want to read it now: The Real Prime Target of Trump’s Threat To Close the Border