Monday, April 1, 2019

Don’t Be Fooled Again

I used to do April Fools Day posts, back when April Fools day came but once a year and was fun. Now it seems as if everyday is April Fools Day and it’s decidedly not fun.

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Take the judicial system for example. Dropping the charges against Jussie Smollett made being “woke” more important than the law. I trust this will become the new norm in hate crime hoaxes. And then we have all the Federal judges who have been allowed to legislate from the bench for years now. To cite just a few examples:

Ruling by Federal Judge Blocks Immigration Order.

As far as I can see, and I’ve looked, there’s nothing in the constitution that grants non-citizens the right to enter the USA.

Federal Judge Rules Trump's Sanctuary Cities Order Unconstitutional

Again, what section of the constitution cities the right to not comply with federal immigration law?

Judge blocks Trump's asylum rules, opens door for immigrant caravan – in which the President sought to funnel asylum candidates through official points of entry rather than simply storming the border en masse and  overwhelming the system.

So our system is allowed to be overrun simply because a Federal Judge in California decided to legislate his preferred open borders policy rather than the President’s policy of maintaining law and order.

Border Patrol forced to restart 'catch-and-release' of illegals at border

Border Is Virtually Wide Open. In 90 Days, DHS Looses 100K Illegals ...

And this taste of judicial power is obviously contagious, as we now have judges ignoring the law and imposing their policies in many arenas, such as this:

Trump's Order to Open Arctic Waters to Oil Drilling Was Unlawful

On what grounds? They were “closed” to drilling by means of an Executive Order (Obama) so why can they not be opened by the same mechanism? Because the judge doesn’t like Trump and doesn’t like his environmental policies? You don’t (technically) have that power.


When judges so clearly demonstrate they either don’t know or don’t care about either the constitution or the rule of law they should be impeached. They should not be allowed to legislate as they see fit from the bench and continue to shut down the legal actions taken by a duly elected president.

Allowing this judicial abetted Cloward-Piven strategy to continue to play out makes us the April Fools, and it’s really not a joke.

But hey, let’s end this screed on an up note: here’s one April Fool we no longer have to deal with.

hil ties one onWheee! It’s going to be so much fun being president!