Friday, April 5, 2019

Fascism: It Isn’t What It Used To Be

Well it looks like President Trump won’t be shutting the border down after all. Probably due to the whining and gnashing of teeth from both big business and labor. And avocado consumers.

Remember the last time we were invaded by foreigners?

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We went to war, and that invasion wasn’t even on the mainland. I’m not advocating war, yet, but you would think an invasion of historic proportion like we are currently experiencing might warrant some short term sacrifices on the part of Americans whose grandchildren will be the ones most effected by this “complete transformation of America.” I guess not. The cultural appropriation of a Mexican condiment is currently considered more important to the American way of life than the rule of law.

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Might I  remind you that it wasn’t that long ago when most of our avocados came from California? That was before the Endangered Species Act resulted in the diversion of water away from one of the state’s most fertile valleys in order to protect the Delta Smelt which appear to be heading towards extinction anyway - just like the farmers in the region.

But I digress. During WWII Americans willingly sacrificed many things as rationing became necessary in order to fuel the war effort against tyranny. By November 1943 many items were rationed: typewriters, gasoline, bicycles, footwear, silk, nylon, fuel oil, stoves, meat, lard, shortening and food oils, cheese, butter, margarine, processed foods (canned, bottled, and frozen), dried fruits, canned milk, firewood and coal, jams, jellies, and fruit butters.

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Now we can’t even sacrifice our $12 guacamole toast.

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Okay, I get it. We’re not that into sacrifice these days. And fascism isn’t what it used to be.

Image result for fascists in the modern worldNow it calls itself, ironically, ANTIFA

Fine. Then build the damn wall.

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And enforce the law.